ZinC Script

By ZinC on Oct 12, 2006

Paste that in REMOTE. Script contains auto OP when DeOPed, some funny kicks and slaps. Its my first script, so please give me some comments and critique, how to make it better : )

menu nicklist {
  ..powerup:/ns identify $$?="Password:"
  ..kyuubi: cs op $chan $me | /say Kyuubi, the 4nine-8tail 4fox. Give me your energy! 
  ..rendan:/say Kage bunshin no-jutsu! | /say U-zu-ma-ki narutoooo... | /kick $$1 ...8R7E8N7D8A7N! 
  ..raikensan:/say Kage bunshin no-jutsu! | /kick $$1 ...11R12A11I12K11E1211N12S11A12N! 
  ..dragonfire:/say Katon... | /kick $$1 ...8R7Y4U7U8K7A 4N7O 8J7U4T7S8U!
  ..chidori:/say Secret Technique... | /kick $$1 ...11C12H11I12D11O12R11I!
  ..windblade:/say Kaze no... | /cs deop $chan $$1 | /ban $$1 | .timer 1 1 /kick $$1 ...11Y10a11i10b11a!
  ..acid:/say Zeshi... | /cs deop $chan $$1 | /ban $$1 | .timer 1 1 /kick $$1 ...8N10e8n10s8a10n!
  ..fireblowing:/say Gamayo... | /cs deop $chan $$1 | /ban $$1 | .timer 1 1 /kick $$1 ...4E8m4u8d4a8n!
  ..demonseal:/say Shisou... | /cs deop $chan $$1 | /ban $$1 | .timer 1 1 /kick $$1 ...14F15u14u15i14n!
  ..unseal:/cs unban $$?="Channel with #!!!" $$?="Nick:" | /say 12G11o10g11u12o11u10k11a12i11i10n!

on *:KICK:#:{ 
  if ($knick == $me) {
    cs invite $chan
    .timer 1 0 join $chan
    .timer 1 1 kick # $nick Demonic Shuriken!

on *:deop:#: { 
  if ( $opnick == $me ) { 
    /describe $chan Kyuubi, the 4nine-8tail 4fox. Give me your energy!
    cs op $chan $me 


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greenlanter420   -  Oct 16, 2006

Noutrious all you do is go from script to script talking down to people when you ,yourself have some pretty weak work on hawkee why don\'t you take that comment about not posting weak scripts an listen to it yourself and instead of talking down to everyone I mean like every script I look at you have some stupid ass broken english comment why not point out ways to help them I do agree this script is pretty pointless but if people don\'t continue to learn how to script in the end no one will be.

Noutrious   -  Oct 12, 2006

I agree.

krimson   -  Oct 12, 2006

you should never post your first script anywhere :) instead, do multiple scripts until you get to a superior level of scripting, and then post your scripts

Noutrious   -  Oct 12, 2006


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