Text controll.

By corax on Sep 30, 2006

Hey to You. It's a controll code, Use ALT+R and paste it on remote.
This will tell You everything about a person which U want controll, all which she/he will do on channels. I added "if" here becouse U may choose a name which U want controll. It will notify U by (notice)- so even when U are sleeping, and U have channels with that person in common- U will noticed everything what She/He tell To someone.
Updated, added multiple "if", also "on" which time and what server IT was happened.

.Text controller
on *:text:$($+(,*,*,*)):#: {
  var %nicks = Nick1 Nick2 NickN
  if ($istok(%nicks,$nick,32)) {
    notice $me $nick just saying on $time $server $replace($1-,*,$nick)


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corax   -  Oct 15, 2006

Heh. maybe $fulldate will be better than $time in this snippet but anyway it\'s not so bad as exist now.
@About Your comment brottor- No. This is telling You what exactly this person talking to everyone in the same moment when he/she sending messages to server.
You don\'t need talk to Him/her If U just want observe, also U don\'t need search in logs what she/he was talking about and when - ALL U have \"like on plate\".

krimson   -  Oct 02, 2006

@yves: all pieces of code you see in the comments area are just suggestions for the original author. when looking for \'the final version\' (well there is only one version), go to \'Grab the code\'

yves   -  Oct 02, 2006

hmmm ok I got it :p

nice ;)

yves   -  Oct 02, 2006

can someone now paste the correct code please?

corax   -  Sep 30, 2006

Thx, of course, but it was worked like one nick maked that. I was made this for controll someone becouse it was nessesary.
About notice- of course i type wrong (need some caffe sometimes), It will open this here in my client becouse normaly when someone noticing me i have another window. To fix this U may of course rechange (msg to notice) and then it will open It for sure. (But notice is better in my exception I still have difterent window and my idle time when I sleep is not changed)
About this what U tell l8r- Exactly as single i must, becouse i dont knew before how add more than \"only one\" .Yes Phariah. i wanted do it to do as multi \"if\" firstly but i didn\'t knew earlier how.
Again (something) Pariah for telling me how to do this as multi with \"if\" (It was reall pain in the ass) :)- Now with $($+(,,,*))on %matchtext + var %nicks = Nick1 Nick2 NickN3- at least multiple
if ($istok(%nicks,$nick,32)) { - it\'s much more better, great tip!
added time and server- to have more info.
Snippet updated, tested, checked, worked. Plz feel free to vote It.

Pariah   -  Sep 30, 2006

What the hell is $($+(,,,*)) for? If you\'re wanting to match everything a single wildcard will suffice.
In your comment you say it will open a notice window, this must be something specific to the script that you are using. mIRC doesn\'t have that built in, you would have to do it in the script.
And instead of making more identical events for it to work for multiple users, you can use $istok.
For example
var %nicks = Nick1 Nick2 NickN
if ($istok(%nicks,$nick,32)) { ...

corax   -  Sep 30, 2006

Hey, about snippet code. This is great controll, Remember put a name of the person without \"..\"- like for example:
if ($nick == person) {
It will open a notice window addressed to You if She/He tell something. like ()- means EVERYTHING.
If U want controll some more persons, not only one, use this (.) like:
.Text controller 2
and add this code
:text:$($+(,,,)):#: {
if ($nick == \"second person\") {
notice $me $replace($1-,
On that way U may get 2 targets when they moved on networks ^^
Usefull stuff, enjoy.

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