Acronym Replacer Using Regex

By chicknh8r on Sep 24, 2006

To use this snippet...

  1. Copy this code
  2. In MIRC, click "alt R"
  3. Locate your "on *:input:" section
  4. Paste this within your "on *:input:" section.

Now, whenever you type any of the acronyms within the "$regex", it will be replaced with it's corresponding acronym replacement.
This is my first attempt at using "$regex".

on *:input:*: {
  if ($regex($1-,/(afk|brb|bbl|lol|omg|stfu|rofl|roflmao|ttyl)/i)) {
    say $replace($1-,afk,Away from keyboard,brb,Be Right Back,bbl,Be Back Later,lol,Laughing Out Loud,omg,OH MY GOD!,stfu,Shut The FUK Up,rofl,Rolling On Floor Laughing,roflmao,Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off,ttyl,Talk To You Later)


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Jethro   -  Feb 22, 2011

That regex is absolutely pointless with the way chicknh8r has set up. chickn8r should have used $regml(1) in place of $1- for the $replace. The snippet can work fine without it though.

VixenSilvera   -  Feb 22, 2011

This script is good as in it doesn't echo (aka lol Laughing Out Loud> both get inputed to the chat) but if I try to change my nick to afk it makes it Away From Keyboard. Suggestion would be to find a way to make it to where it only changes the word if it is by itself and not attached to something else like a nick or in a /me action or in a /notice or /notify or other server command. Just a thought.

dj_boT   -  Jul 06, 2007

well kind of good but simple but cant work for: :) :( etc

totalybored   -  Sep 25, 2006

why it say what i type and that?
if i say lol it does:

Laughing Out Loud lol
chicknh8r   -  Sep 24, 2006

Updated code, ty sean.

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