corax Engine searcher.

By corax on Sep 24, 2006

(Alt+R)- New Remote, save as new. It's powerfull searcher, added 5 primaries web databases which are very needed for search items. 1Hawkee (snippets), 2Google, 3Wikipedia, 4Imdb (movies), 5Mp3 (lyrics, songs, artists).

; Hello to U, I made this for myself  firstly, but later I just understood that is really very good thing.
; Now I share with U this what I made, hope that U will like it.
; Maybe simple it looks but for sure this stuff is increddible usefull.
; Regards from Hawkee.
; Enjoy
on 1:start: {
  /window @corax Engine searcher.
  /echo @corax Engine searcher. You have loaded corax Engine searcher. Enjoy.
  /echo @corax Engine searcher. This will help U find all what You are looking for much more easier and quicker.
  /echo @corax Engine searcher. U want find everything very fast, use this. Possible are: 1Hawkee (snippets), 2Google, 3Wikipedia, 4Imdb (movies), 5Mp3 (lyrics, songs, artists).
  /echo @corax Engine searcher. If U want discuss about this what You want see on this searcher, contact with me on and I will add some features for You.
  /echo @corax Engine searcher. Have fun :)
on 1:LOAD:{
  echo -a Load corax Engine Searcher Successfull.

menu channel,nicklist {
  corax Engine Searcher.
.Hawkee search:/run $+(,$replace($$?="Enter Search Term:",$chr(32),+))
  .Google Search:/run $+ $$input(Enter Key Word to search in,eGoogle)
  .Wiki Search:/run $+ $$?="Please enter a search term here"
  .MP3 Lyrics-Artist-Songs Search:/run $+ $$?="Put here a text for search"
  .Movies Search:/run $+ $$?="Put here text to search in"
on 1:UNLOAD:{
  echo -a Unload corax Engine Searcher Successfull.


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corax   -  Sep 25, 2006

Hawkee thx ^^.
To be honest this Hawkee searcher like a little snippet searcher now is the best in all my engine :D
Yes Noutrious, I was used in Hawkee search snippet earlier (q= $+ $$input), after Yoinx Tip before www. i places ($), after name $replace($$?= here of course putting a frase and later addedd this as + which now giving more like one only word, $chr(32),+)). I wanted do this on that way.

Hawkee   -  Sep 25, 2006

Why not call this \" Snippet Search\" or at least tag it with \'hawkee\'. I thought this was a different type of search until I started reading the comments.

Noutrious   -  Sep 25, 2006

I think that $urlencode was for $chr(32) replacement for +, but i don`t know it for 100%.

corax   -  Sep 24, 2006

Yea Yoinx Your tip was awesome, now I know what You mean, Hawkeee searcher is now almost perfect, It will search more than one words and It will find solution. Now snippet is much more better than before, Thx ;)
Snippet updated.

Yoinx   -  Sep 24, 2006

no, the difference between the two. Is that the page is expecting a multiple word string as
My example changes spaces to +\'s
yours sends it to the server as:
as it does not convert the spaces. The page will not accept anything after the first %20. thus, limiting it to only single word searches.

corax   -  Sep 24, 2006

Yoinx thx for the tip of course but now i tell you why I argue..
You giving example :
= $replace($$?+=\"Put a word here and find the best Hawkee snippet\",$chr(32),+))
I had mine as:
= $+ $$?=\"Put a word here and find the best Hawkee snippet\"
Still i dont see any problem, still even after this what U type effect is the same.
And still it\'s great with or without it :)
I told You this is fault of redirect of the web, and this what U have there or not, so it was not needed.
Another thing is that this is working where You exactly want find \"the word\" I made it on that way to help You find it very quickly, which it doing good, so this fix is not needed ;)

Yoinx   -  Sep 24, 2006

Look the format the example I gave you is the one from your script, and the one from the actual website. Only the one from the website works. I dont know what exactly you\'re trying to argue. The example I gave would fix the syntax for your search.

corax   -  Sep 24, 2006

Heh. for example You are searching word \" Help commands \" in Hawkee snippet section from my engine. Yep You can\'t find this from simple reason: look. (but only on example from word \"help command\")
This will direct You here becouse normally THIS direct You there. If You type in searcher (q= $+ $$input) I mean here: \" help \"and later \" commands \" You will get two of them. Searcher works for sure.
Not only this example.
Yoinx I know that You want see great snippet and i will make it better if this will be possible, but tell Me, Is this good for U?
Enjoy XD ;)

Yoinx   -  Sep 24, 2006

Also, To be honest. I\'m not going to even try more than the first search. as the syntax that you ended up using, isnt even right.
When you try to do a hawkee search of more than 1 word.
Your snippet makes it:
which doesnt work.
When it should be like:

Just a little something you may want to fix as:
$+(,$replace($$?=\"Enter Search Term:\",$chr(32),+))
or something similar

corax   -  Sep 24, 2006

Thx. So about snippet, How U like it? ;)

StanZ   -  Sep 24, 2006

You can avoid every \"/\" where there are instructions. Don\'t care too much with the score. (Quite logic here) It can only grow up. Somehow everyone need to start with mirc basics. Keep improving your scripting.

corax   -  Sep 24, 2006

I really wanted make something what help You get this what You want in the best time which is possible.
Exactly Yoinx, It\'s the faster way and this You have here.
About addon, yea i wanted add it here like addon not snippet only becouse of some people which dont know even that this exist. Don\'t tell me that it was not needed becouse It\'s usefull and should be.
Anyway i made also crack and serial engine but i dont add it here, guess why :)

Yoinx   -  Sep 24, 2006

No, This is FAR from being an addon. All you\'re really doing is running a url with the search format. You\'re not actually doing anything that is saving someone time.

Normal Way
1- Open Browser
2- Type Url
3- Type Search
4- Browse Results In Browser

Your Way
1- RightClick
2- Find Search Engine Popup
3- Type Search
4- Browse Results In Browser

Now, Maybe if you were using sockets and actually getting the results and links and putting them back into mirc, that might be more of an addon. Every person that wants to throw a couple echo commands some popups and a few runs, thinks that they made something incredible. I\'m sorry. But you didnt.

corax   -  Sep 24, 2006

Oh man, This is searcher, \"I named it search engine becouse what this doing?\", (another thing what for buid powerfull structure with dialogues if this will work without it?).
In the last to your sentence- \"I will\" ;)

Noutrious   -  Sep 24, 2006

Sorry, but i think that this is pretty stupid, this is not search engine, i think you even dont know the true meaning of it, and second - this could easly be in a dialog and there at least it would be better searcher.
But keep up the good work :)

corax   -  Sep 24, 2006

Hi. HEre You may vote what You feel about mine engine, I added this to snippet section but maybe better idea will be add to addons. Anyway I may always uprade this item becouse It\'s great in my opinion. Another thing is that THIS as searcher should make all easiest and faster for You. Have fun.

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