[b]List h1.1

By sean on Sep 15, 2006

[b]List: A blacklist that enables users to set individual attributes to blacklistees. Decently scripted dialog for easy control and encrypted output file so noone can "snoop" your blacklist!

Right Click [b]List


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Noutrious   -  Oct 13, 2006

Updated my rating.

sean   -  Sep 17, 2006

Updated: In english, sorry. lol

greenlanter420   -  Sep 17, 2006

I must agree converting it to english wouldn\'t be a bad idea but if you really wanted you or any could use a online translator like babelfish.

Noutrious   -  Sep 15, 2006

Its a good snippet, but i would give it 7 if it would be in English.

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