Idle & chan number grabber.

By corax on Sep 01, 2006

Add This into You're remote (Alt+R) and save.
It's very simple snippet- Give's U Idle Time & channel number where /whois (ed) person is in common.
Good thing of this snippet is this that it will no doubled Your whoising. It's simple and clean.
Hope that U will like It Enjoy :)

;Simple whois Idle & Chan grabber (by corax)- Modified version on demand.
; Just pop into a new page in your remotes. [Big + of this is fact that work's with every whois which U have & never doubled a score].
;(Alt+r) & Enjoy.

raw 319:*: {
  echo -a $2 is on $numtok($3-,32) Channel(s):
raw 317:*: { 
  echo -a $2 has been idle $duration($3) $+ , signed on $asctime($4)


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corax   -  Sep 04, 2006

Excuse Me for that mistake. Thx Hawkee- Of course, yes now it\'s fixed.
Ps: this is the first attempt to scripting so plz guys if anything will be wrong tell Me and i try all the best I can to fix the problem with this what I may made incorrectly.
Once again: Regards To all of You guys.

Hawkee   -  Sep 04, 2006

I see Pariah\'s point, but do feel it\'s good to help beginning scripters by explicitly pointing out problems in their code. I understand that you only want to see the best snippets and I will add a feature down the road that filters out low scoring or new snippets. Once they earn a certain score they will appear.

On a side note, corax can you please spell idle and chan correctly in your snippet title, description and code?

Noutrious   -  Sep 04, 2006

At least hes not so big n00b, who doesnt say all the time that hes true ;)

krimson   -  Sep 02, 2006

hah... nice try corax, but i don\'t think you could match Pariah when talking about mirc scripts.. he\'s been here way longer than you have and helped a lot of people meanwhile.

about the snippet now. it is utterly useless. as Pariah already pointed out, about all the info you echo to the active window is shown in the default whois, so you might as well make the whois show in the active window. regarding the brackets and groups problem, i don\'t know how it could work without properly closing brackets - ALWAY CLOSE AN OPEN BRACKET. you obviously have no clue on what groups are or do, so i suggest you catch up on this topic (/help groups).

another topic would be to mention what network you made this snippet for, as i can see that neither raw 308 nor 309 are common raws (as in i can\'t find them on networks like undernet or quakenet)

again this situation makes me think that a submission queue (like\'s one) is a great solution to filter out bad and useless scripts/snippets/addons/etc.

corax   -  Sep 01, 2006

Phariah or maybe Faraon, whatever: Listen.
This is my last comment: I open 5 client\'s and on every of them it\'s not make any error\'s any echoing in any active statuses.
Sure this is very simple code and everyone may just tell that it sucks.
Don\'t like- don\'t use. The same as this what U type.
Still wonder where I may see any of Your snippets becouse I will comment them with pleasure.

Pariah   -  Sep 01, 2006

I don\'t understand broken english, but I would suggest that you read /help groups. There\'s is no point in even having a group here as you don\'t even give a way for it to be turned on and off. It\'s still missing the closing bracket, and everything you put under it will not work. Not to mention that it will also be included as part of the group.

I\'m very well aware of how to load a script, so instucting me on how to load it is not neccessary. I\'m sure that it is useful to you, and I\'m sure you\'re as proud as hell to have made even the simplest of scripts. It is still not useful to anyone in my opinion, /whois shows this info already and making it echoing to the active window is just ridiculous, as you can make the whois show in the active window.

It sucks, but this is the new standard for, a thousand half assed attempts at making scripts, most of which shouldn\'t even be classified as a \"snippet\". If it weren\'t for the fact that submitting addons is such a futile endeavor there probably wouldn\'t be such a large ammount of piss poor addons posted in this section. This has nothing to do with your snippet in particular, but this is a perfect example of the crap this section is filled with. Incomplete, Useless, and a waste of space. Not to sound like a complete asshole or anything (even though I admittedly am), I am very happy to see when useful, well made snippets are posted. And I try to give them a good score out of appreciation. There are some excellent scripters that post to this section, but there are 100x more that can barely even construct a simple alias that post every 2 line piece of shit they\'ve ever made.

I hope hawkee fixes this section of his site, but I won\'t hold my breathe. I\'ve always liked this site, and have been happy to help in the forums. But in my opinion, the majority of the snippets in this section are about as useful as an asshole on your elbow.


corax   -  Sep 01, 2006

Pariah Dunno if U pasted it onto remote or no but seems that not. To Me it\'s usefull. Dunno also about what bullshit U talking- If U don\'t like it just say it but don\'t tell that it\'s not work dude couse must.
Correct Me if I\'m wrong but first open You\'re alt +R later paste it and then t3ll Me that it\'s working or not :P
It\'s very simple Iddle to everyone who hasn\'t this option in own client, and it telling U too on how many channel\'s is person which U whois. This is very simple whois and the most importand in this is fact that I don\'t want after whoising someone see doubled stat\'s about it :P

corax   -  Sep 01, 2006

It will work with every whois which U have and never doubled a score.
/whois & thx for viewing :)

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