Socket help

By blackvenomm666 on Dec 09, 2018

i'm working on my own twitch bot i'm trying to get the bot to connect to my twitch the followers section and return who's following me if anyone could help i'd appreciate it is the link to the site

alias checksubs {
  sockopen subcheck 80
  set -u3 %subcheck2 .write follower.txt
on *:sockopen:subcheck: {
  sockwrite -n $sockname GET /solemnviper/followers HTTP/1.1
  sockwrite -n $sockname Host: $+($sock(subcheck).addr,$str($crlf,2))
on *:sockread:subcheck: {
  .set %subcheck | sockread %subcheck 
  if ( *tw-interactive tw-link* iswm %subcheck) {
    %subcheck2 $remove(%subcheck,<span class="welcome">,<i>,</i>,</strong>,</font>,&nbsp;,</td>,<strong>)
    sockclose subcheck


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Marecki   -  May 28, 2019

Great. Thanks!

blackvenomm666  -  Jun 27, 2019

how exactly is this great? i'm asking for help it doesn't work

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