Nick Change Kicker

By MaxwellS on Nov 01, 2018

Hi guys,
Need a srcipt to kick people changing nicks too frequently. Script to be used on a bot.

Thanks in advance.


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dma   -  4 days ago

how about a pingtime out kicker

simo  -  4 days ago

i dont see the relevancy with a nick change kicker

if u mean your registered nick is lagged and u have to re-connect with some other nick not able to use your registered nick as its still online and lagged there are options to use with nickserv to regain your registered nick and identify at the same time

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simo   -  17 days ago

really depends what kind of nick changes take place as regular nick changes are normal not much you can do about that
also some networks allow block of nick changes within channel by channel mode

ovelayer   -  17 days ago

there are quite a few posted
try the search function

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