Higher Lower Guessing Game

By Justdabomb2 on Aug 12, 2006

Just paste this into remote and type !start to start the game, !guess NUMBER to guess, and !stop to end the game. I don't take full credit for this script, the other high lows I found on the site didn't work very well. So I fixed it.


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guest598594   -  Aug 21, 2007

oh sorry

xDaeMoN   -  Aug 21, 2007

@ mountaindew, at the time he posted that comment, bbcodes were not yet implemented yet in the comments system. This was just implemented a few months ago.

guest598594   -  Aug 21, 2007

damn, do this

[ c o d e ] before the code, and [ / c o d e ] after the code, but w/o the spaces

guest598594   -  Aug 21, 2007

Alien_wkshop, when pasting codes, do this


 before the code, and 

after the code

Metallboy100   -  Aug 21, 2007

wery nice, i love this game

shugo103   -  Aug 17, 2006

The only thing I have to say is, not yours.

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