Auto voice on off

By DeathfireD on May 03, 2004

This add on Ops anyone in the yourfriendsnick spot (NOTE: anyone that changes there nick to that can get ops. You might want to delete it out)

if there not in your op list there they will get voiced in the chat that you are oped in. to turn it on right mouse click in the channel and go to auto>off or on to turn it on or off.

note: there are better ways of doing this but I feel this is the most basic and easy to understand. if you dont like it sorry.

#auto.voice off
on *:join:#:{
  if (yourfriendsnick isin $nick) { /mode # +o $nick }
 else {
  /mode # +v $nick }
#auto.voice end

menu channel {
  .auto tools
  ..autoVoice $chr(9) $iif($group(#auto.voice) == on, On, Off): $iif($group(#auto.voice) == on, .disable, .enable) #auto.voice


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Neo   -  May 04, 2004

DeathfireD Yes you are 100% right man =) If you use this snippet you can turn it On/Off =)

DeathfireD   -  May 04, 2004

ya but Im posting this for snippet so people can learn basic \"on join\" commands and how to use the on off button. Its cool mIRC has it but some people want to learn mIRC scripting.

Neo   -  May 03, 2004

Jose`Botella, Thats True =)

Jose`Botella   -  May 03, 2004

With mIRC you can just go to the Address Book then click on the Control tab. Then go to the op part and click add. Fill out the popup and click Enable. If you want it to op or voice everyone in the name spot put in !@*.

SaltyFrie   -  May 03, 2004

Sorry. Forgot... That way you won\'t have to worry about people stealing your friends\' name to get opped.

SaltyFrie   -  May 03, 2004

Question: Doesn\'t every server have an auto-op list for the server. Chanserv (or whatever you want to call chanserv) provides it for all the servers I\'ve been to. If not, it might be easier to make a script to just let a person /notice you a password and you op them in a certain channel.

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