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By MaxwellS on Oct 09, 2018

RAW Code
Good morning guys.
Need your help with a code please.

on !*:join:#sound:{ .enable #regchk | /timerwhois 1 10 whois $nick }

regchk off

raw 307:: { /msg #soundops %reg.nick 7,1512 $2 01 is a Registered Nick | %reg.chk = 1 }
raw 318:
: {
if (!%reg.chk) { /msg #soundops %reg.nick - 7,1512 $2 01 is 4 NOT 01 a registered nick }
unset %reg.*
.disable #regchk

regchk end


When a /whois is done on a nick, there is a line that says "Maxwell is logged in as Maxwell"
In the above code, what would be the RAW Code for the logged in as ? and how do I enter it.

The above code is used on a bot.

Many thanks


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Alexandru   -  3 days ago

Place the line:

raw *:*: echo -s ( $+ $numeric $+ ) $1-

above all the raw lines in the script and make the whois. You will see the numeric number associated to that raw. The raw number for logging is: 330

simo  -  3 days ago

Hi Alexandru how did u add the actuall code in a code block i didnt seem the find that option here

i added it manually

is there any easier way with forum options ?

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simo   -  4 days ago

You could try adding this

raw 330:*:{ msg #soundops $2-  }
ovelayer   -  7 days ago

if your just checking if a nick is registered or not or the status of identification i would use /ns status
then you can use notice events instead of raws.and collecting a bunch of unnecessary information

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