By shugo103 on Jul 27, 2006

Just right click on a nick and it will work.

Took me all of 50 seconds to make.

on 1:TEXT:*:#: {
  if ($nick == %nick) .msg # $1-
on 1:ACTION:*:#: {
  if ($nick == %nick) .describe # $1-

Menu nicklist {
  [Mimic]:/set %nick $1 | echo Mimicing $1
  [SMimic]:/echo You Have Stopped Mimicing %nick | /unset %nick


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xredxthornsx   -  Sep 19, 2007

um i couldn\'t get this to work at ALL i tried editing it alot adn i couldn\'t get anything to work

EagleAmerican   -  Jul 29, 2006

I made a mimic/copy script that has all the functions. You should add on so that it can copy a person or everone.

ZabuzaMomochi   -  Jul 27, 2006

Or just to spam channels and be annoying :P

Midnight   -  Jul 27, 2006

For entertainment. Just for kicks\'n\'giggles. o-o

krimson   -  Jul 27, 2006

But what\'s the purpose of this snippet?

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