Simple Calculator for Bots

By jonypaul on Jul 22, 2006

This is a very easy channel calculator, but it can camo in handy. Type !calc 5+5 and see what is does. You can obviously use a lot of other things. Type !c-commands for more info.
I think it looks better in a ot but if you want to put in in your script...who cares...:)

on *:TEXT:!calc*:#: {
  if ($3 == $null) /msg $chan  $2 =7 $calc( $2 )
  if ($3 != $null) /msg $chan 7Please dont use the space bar for the !calc7 trigger. Do it like this:  5+5 7for example.
on *:TEXT:!c-commands:#: {
  /msg $nick 7To use this channel calculator, you should know this:
  /msg $nick The Calculator Buttons Are: 7[+7] [-7] [^7] [*7] [/7]
  /msg $nick Here are some examples: 
  /msg $nick 3^2 = 9
  /msg $nick 3*2 = 6
  /msg $nick 3/2 = 1,5
  /msg $nick 3+2 = 5
  /msg $nick 3-2 = 1


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Gage   -  Oct 17, 2009

nice job works fine :D

TheboyskinG   -  Sep 18, 2009

nice jonypaul :)

clarey   -  Apr 08, 2009

That is really gay, since you copied it off the dragonportal bot without giving credits. And yeah, it can be evaluated in one line ;)

KingMe   -  Apr 07, 2009

It failed.

Jubbyjubbster   -  Mar 30, 2009

it works ! and its good

Chainchomp   -  Sep 17, 2006

Eh, I have a calc script that uses one line, could be trimmed down lots.

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