Tinus Bot

By Tinus on Jul 22, 2006

this is an simple snipit for your own bot only people who you add in your mirc user file
like this
can use this bot other while he will do nothing
the first command gives you operator rights
the second removes them
the third wil kick the person you name
like k name reason (this person gets an personal message of the bot why you kicked him this olso says gives the messaqge of banning)
tis bot as little commands please reconsider if ou kick an admin or IRCop these will take revenge by using their own powers
the fourth command wil kick ban the name you give the bot

on 3:text:!op:#:{
/mode $active +o $nick
on 3:text:!deop:#:{
/mode $active -o $nick
on 3:text:k*:#:{
/kick $active $2 $3-
/msg $2 kick requested $nick
on 3:text:b*:#:{
/mode $active +b $address
/kick $active $2 $3-
/msg $2 kickban requested by $nick


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Storm2108   -  Jul 05, 2007

orrrr ban $chan $2 2 ;P

AHBARAR   -  Jun 03, 2007

i prefer u add /mode $chan +b $address($nick,2)
or /mode $chan +b $2

jonypaul   -  Jul 23, 2006

Tinus: Are you quite sure you tested this snippet?
.:140557:. ~jonypaul b raven
.:140558:. ~The_RaftMaker sets mode: +b *!jonypaul@MyAdress
This cuz u put:

/mode $active +b $address

Instead of

/mode $active +b $2 $address

So, instead of banning who you want, you ban another guy.
PS: i obviously changed my adress.


xtr   -  Jul 22, 2006


Cage   -  Jul 22, 2006

Not too bad.

A couple pointers though.
1) You don\'t need the backslash \"/\" when the command is between the brackets.
2) You may want to change \"$active\" to \"$chan\" to ensure that it triggers on the correct channel.

And xtr... why don\'t you review the comment rules before posting anything again.

Tinus   -  Jul 22, 2006

please note that i am an amature

Tinus   -  Jul 22, 2006

it works is very simple you will know why

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