By ^WeSt on Jun 18, 2018

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This module let you check on for the given parameter any results will be found
will output into the channel or the user with private notice depending in the command that you enter,
you can also change the settings from this module from the Menubar or via /wtv_sets command.


This module is an part of WESTOR Module Manager that you must download and install it in order to work this module because the manager contains some require codes, if you already have the manager then just copy/paste the code into a new file and load it or paste it into an new file into the Script Editor in Remotes tab, also if you want you can download and install this module it directly from the manager with 1 click instead to do all the before steps, it is recommended to download the latest version from here.


Suppored Languages: English - Greek
Suppored Operating Systems: 7 - 8 - 8.1 - 10
Suppored Programs: mIRC 7.49+ or AdiIRC 2.9+


!TVmaze westworld
@TVmaze westworld



Image 1


Image 2


Image 3

  • Enjoy!

Source Code:

Click here


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ovelayer   -  Jun 22, 2018

i like your there anyway to make the colors changeable? you hardcode in the colors and
would be a nice feature..
keep up the good work

also showtimes are a good idea to add.
i use this as a layout..
(Fri 3:12 pm)- &Brains Westworld (US/HBO) - Sunday @ 9:00pm EST - (Running)
(Fri 3:12 pm)- &Brains
(Fri 3:12 pm)- &Brains Last Episode: Jun/17/2018 S02E09 "Vanishing Point"
(Fri 3:12 pm)- &Brains Next Episode: Jun/24/2018 S02E10 "The Passenger" - Airing in: 2days 2hrs 48mins

^WeSt  -  Jun 22, 2018

I didn't want to flood the output by split it in several messages, that's why i added options to pick up your custom option for your desired output.

Changing colors on output will be a tons of settings, because i have to add on seperate value option an editbox to set your custom, that will require a hole re-design that i have not the time to do it yet.

  • Thanks!
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