Easy mode

By hadoku on Jun 15, 2006

This uses aliases to change the mode of a channel easily. It is VERY simple and I know I should make it use if ($me isop $active) but I'm lazy.. Anyways just type /(mode letter) and it should change the mode.

m {
mode $active +m }
t {
mode $active +t }
l {
mode $active +l $1- }
p {
mode $active +p } 
i {
mode $active +i }
k {
mode $active +k $1- }
s {
mode $active +s }
c {
mode $active +c }
M {
mode $active +M }
R {
mode $active +R }
n {
mode $active +n }


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noMen   -  Jun 16, 2006

Just a few hours ago the score showed an 8. I didn\'t know what to say, but you come very close Happy.

Happy   -  Jun 16, 2006

How can this get a 6?! The snippets section of this site is completely fucked. There are THOUSANDS of completely useless, poorly coded scripts. It\'s like every newb thats ever learned even a bit of scripting has submitted every POS script they\'ve ever made. You should make a pastebin for all this crap, and actually approve the snippets that you host. Snippets like this make this site look amateur, especially seeing them in the vast quantity they are here.

Jared   -  Jun 16, 2006

I like it.

`Kazuma   -  Jun 15, 2006

Well these are pretty good instead of having to keep going to the channels menu to change modes.. but.. I believe p, k, and s are already aliases?

hadoku   -  Jun 15, 2006

Forgot to mention.. This goes into Ailiases.

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