on join op script

By Dcn on Jun 15, 2006

simple .... on join op but one client must have op to use it ;)

on *:JOIN:#: { if ($Dcn]UK[ !isop $chan) { //mode $chan +o Dcn]UK[ }

;Dcn]UK[ is just a test name just change the name to whom ever u wont
;its very easy to use... 


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Emensity   -  Jun 17, 2006


Smokey   -  Jun 16, 2006

lol, useless, but keep trying.

noMen   -  Jun 15, 2006

on *:JOIN:#: {
if (!$istok(blah1 blah2 blah3, $nick, 32) && ($nick !isop $chan)) {
mode $chan +o $nick

The009   -  Jun 15, 2006

on *:JOIN:#: { if ( $nick !isop $chan ){ goto 1 }
else { goto 2 }
if { $nick == Blah ) { goto 3 }
if { $nick == Blah2 ) { goto 3 }
//mode $chan +o $nick

Kinda More of an auto op scrip to add multiple nicks to the list just just copy and paste the if { $nick == Blah2 ) { goto 3 } and change the blah2 to what ever nick you want to use. and yes you still have to have ops in the chan that you are using this in

Daveoh   -  Jun 15, 2006

No point in posting this snippet

noMen   -  Jun 15, 2006

\"Its very easy to use\" you said. \"Its not usable at all\" I say. It contains two errors and after correcting them it will try to op the nick everytime somebody else joins the channel. \"Its very easy to use\" you said. \"Was it so difficult to test?\" I ask you. Score: 0.0

Dcn   -  Jun 15, 2006

o sry the client u use this script with must have op...

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