Preparing mIRC Korona Script 15.0 (in progress..)

By Alexandru on Apr 17, 2018

Hi! First of all I want to thank very much Taavi S., Il-Kane, Gabi for all the suggestions, fixes, opinions that helped me to make mIRC Korona more better and to continue my work (call hobby) for the next versions.


I've open this page to discuss the development of the next version: mIRC Korona v15.0, so if somebody have a suggestion or met a bug, fix, so can contact me or can write here even. I'll be very thankful for every opinion, suggestion etc.

I don't run the time to publish the 15.0 version, I want to make 15.0 version more better, more powerful, more easy to use and more faster.

If i see many people who want to help me with suggestions, opinions etc. i'll be ready to post here the beta releases of mIRC Korona v15.0 version (in achieve states), so please don't hesitate to write here :)

Till now (17 April 2018) I made the following changes (in comparison with 14.9) version:

  • [ADD] Added Fonts dialog. Now you can set fonts for windows using Fonts dialog with advanced and smart options.
    Note: Standard font dialog is not removed. You can acces the standard font dialog of mIRC by using: /font
  • [ADD] Added feature to be able to translate the words and the lines from all the mIRC's windows (status, channels and queries) using the hotlink event. To access it, you must hold SHIFT and left click the line/word you want to translate (SHIFT+LEFT MOUSE CLICK)
  • [ADD] Added feature to show information lines in the active window about the channels you can't enter due to the ban/invite/key set modules.
    Note: Till now there're displayed in Status only.
    Note: The information lines in Status will be displayed also.
  • [ADD] Added error state check on playing of audio or radio songs.
  • [ADD] Added new features to the Messages & Nick dialogs. (see the next changes)
  • [FIX] Fixed the topic to be set correctly on channel through Advanced Channel Central. (Thanks to Il-Kane for this fix).
  • [FIX] Fixed issues to evaluate correctly the addresses of nicks when you execute Ip Lookups (/ip).
  • [FIX] Fixed "D_ERROR /xdid" bug when you close quickly the informations dialogs before init process ends.
  • [FIX] Using Fonts dialog instead of its standard mIRC Font dialog, is fixed the font data from the channel and query bars to be updated in time.
  • [FIX] Fixed and updated the issues to collect correctly the country on weather forecast that on some cities/regions returned problems with connection.
  • [FIX] Fixed Audio Properties loop search when $sound().tag returns null value (on some types of audio files, like: asf, dsd etc.)
  • [FIX] Fixed radio playing announcements to not be evaluated if radio playing is in buffering state, to not avoid floods. (Thanks to Taavi S. for this fix).
  • [FIX] Fixed item text from mIRC Statusbar object (audio object info line) to display correctly the text in all instances.
  • [FIX] Fixed commands from Actions on Connect dialog that contain identifiers to be evaluated correctly on executing.
  • [MODIFY] Modified the scripts to stop everything when mIRC is going to exit or to restart (for example when switching the language, network etc.)
  • [MODIFY] Now clicking the fonts data from query and channel bars will open Fonts dialog instead of that standard one.
  • [MODIFY] Now the fonts can be set in the range of 1-150.
  • [MODIFY] Modified the design of the Themes, Language and Network dialogs. Now it looks pretty and more easy to switch among options.
  • [MODIFY] Modified how to display the weather search results in case they are multiple. Now is displayed a dialog with all results, more easy to use and more powerful.
  • [MODIFY] Modified issue of OGG audio type files to pass through audio codecs due to the fact that mIRC is unable to play such a file if is included a non-standard audio codec into it.
    Note: You need to have installed K-Lite Media Pack in order to be able to play OGG audio files.
  • [MODIFY] Modified the Connect menu (right-click the connect button image from Toolbar) for Network item to open the Network dialog instead of choosing between networks.
  • [MODIFY] Modified completely F-Buttons & Help dialog. Now it looks pretty and more powerful. Also, added new smart F functions (disable per function or all functions, save added functions etc.) and more faster.
    Note: After updating to this version, all F functions will be reset to its defaults. You will have to set up them again. From now on these functions will not be reset by Script anymore.
  • [MODIFY] Modified and extended the Messages & Nick dialog completely with adding/modifying the new options to it, more easy and more powerful.

In plan:

  • Modify the Smiles scripts completely with adding new smiles based on Unicode chars.
  • Add a shortcut to the channels and queries that will popup a dialog with all the smiles.
  • Add support for Smiles not for input messages only, but also for incoming messages.
  • Modify and to extended Auto-Joins options to be grouped by networks.
  • Add transparency levels for the channels and queries bars.

Maybe will be added and the 4th language in the Script, depends by Taavi S. how will finish to translate the language strings. If somebody wants to help me to add his language to my Script, can contact me for further assistance.

To download the script, visit:
To view screenshots, visit:
We can discuss through:
You can contact me:

My website dedicated to this Script is:

I'll appreciate every reply, opinion and i'll answer to any question as soon as possible.


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