Version Reply Kickban Script

By Naemuti on Jun 11, 2006

I dunno why I made this snippet. Basically what it does is if a user joins using n00b-irc or Java IRC they get kicked and banned. This is useful if you have a channel like #scripting where you only ask scripting questions or something like that.

On *:Join:*:.ctcp $nick version
On *:ctcpreply:version:{
  if (n00b-IRC isin $1-) || (Java isin $1-) {
    kick $chan $nick You have an IRC client incompatible of mIRC scripting. Please come back with after you get mIRC at
    ban $chan $address($nick,2) 2


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Naemuti   -  Jun 28, 2006

Because I can. Why question why I posted it? Someone might find it useful.

Emensity   -  Jun 17, 2006

Sorry, but if you don\'t know why you made that snippet, then why post it?

CaRe_Taker   -  Jun 13, 2006


Daveoh   -  Jun 11, 2006

A few things:

  1. on CTCPREPLY should include VERSION in the matchtext
  2. $active may not be the channel
    This script will not work properly
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