Chr to Asc alias.

By Naemuti on Jun 05, 2006

Used as a custom identifier to turn a string of text into a line of $chr values.

EX: //echo -a $astring(Test) returns $chr(116) $+ $chr(101) $+ $chr(115) $+ $chr(116) $+ $chr() $+

Note: For some reason, $astring() tends to leave a blank $chr() $+ on the end of the returned text. It doesn't affect the output of the script, but if someone could tell me WHY this happens, I would very much appreciate it! :)

astring {
  var %y 0
  while (%y < $len($1-)) {
    var %x $right($1-,$calc($len($1-) - %y))
    var %z %z $ $+ chr( $+ $asc($left(%x,1)) $+ ) $ $+ +
    inc %y 1
  return %z


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Diabu   -  Jun 05, 2006

remove the = on the while command :) and then test it again .. and the blank $chr() doesn\'t appear anymore

sorry for my bad english.

xDaeMoN   -  Jun 05, 2006

Use $mid instead of calculating each time to get the character. Also use the correct syntax for /var which is /var %var = data.

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