Fetch command Help

By draknon on Jan 28, 2018


so I managed to get the bot to fetch literally anything, the problem is that it will also fetch people that are online at the time. I know there is a way to write it all up so that it will not fetch people and will say it can't do it if it is a person.

that is what I have so far and works great except for the 1 drawback
now, I do remember that is has something to do with the "ison" command or something like that.

on 1:TEXT:!fetch*:#The-Dungeon:/describe #The-Dungeon goes into the TARDIS and gets the $2- that $nick requested and brings the $2- back to $nick

on 1:TEXT:!return*:#The-Dungeon:/describe #The-Dungeon goes to $nick and takes the $2- back into the TARDIS


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