mIRC Korona Script v14.9 (Build: 999) - Available!

By Alexandru on Jan 28, 2018

Once, with the passing years, I made my own script, I decided to make it public, completely free for all! Scripting to me represents a hobby, which allows me to waste time in it when I have free time.

This Script is designed for all Networks, but is based on Undernet network! If you purpose to use for other networks, you can change it in Script using "Select server" dialog. By default, is set up to use this script for Other Networks. If your network has the same tipology as Undernet (i mean has X bot etc.), like Europeirc or Nationchat network, you can set it to Undernet.

This Script is made in 3 languages: English, Romanian and Russian. By default, is set up to English. To change the language, type: /language

For those who have installed already an old version (from 14.3 to 14.8 version) can update the Script only. When you update the Script to 14.9 version, settings, logs, personal files will remain exactly as are.

To download the script, visit: http://alexscript.webs.com/download
To view screenshots, visit: http://alexscript.webs.com/screenshots
We can discuss through: http://alexscript.webs.com/discussion
You can contact me: http://alexscript.webs.com/contact-faq

My website dedicated to this Script is: http://alexscript.webs.com

I'll appreciate every reply, opinion and i'll answer to any question as soon as possible.

What's new in 14.9 version (in comparison with 14.8):

  • [ADD] Added Radio Streaming support to Audio Player. Now you can listen to radio stations. (Thanks to Taavi S. for this suggestion).
  • [ADD] Added function to obtain online radio stations from www.SHOUTcast.com.
  • [ADD] Added ZPL (Groove Playlist) support to Audio Player.
  • [ADD] Added ability to obtain playlists from some media programs installed in the system (Aimp, Winamp, Windows Media Player and Groove Player).
  • [ADD] Added Radio Streaming support to Audio Player.
  • [ADD] Added new options for Radio Streaming to Audio Options dialog:
    1) Option to save all the logs (textual) of the songs being played through a radio station;
    2) Option to set the favorites of the songs being played through a radio station.
  • [ADD] Added a menu to the hotlink event when you click an url radio address anywhere (to add the clicked radio url to the Radio playlist or to open it directly).
    Note: Are supported .pls and .m3u addresses to collect them through hotlink event. Other types of radio addresses you have to add manually.
  • [ADD] Added option to show tips (notifications) about the song being played.
    Note: You can enable/disable this feature from the Audio Options dialog and also you can select to show tips when mIRC is not active or when Playlist is not open only.
  • [ADD] Added Windows Server Editions 2008, 2012 and 2016 support (All Editions). (Thanks to Finn A. for this suggestion).
  • [ADD] Added a dialog on the upper right corner with minimize, restore/maximize and close buttons that simplify the actions of the active window (close/maximize/restore/minimize). (Thanks to Taavi S. for this suggestion).
  • [ADD] Added a information line about connection uptime, last connect and number of connects that appears on Status Window when you disconnect from the server.
  • [ADD] Added Youtube Options that sets display options of the retrieved youtube items. You can set them through /youtube -s. For more details issue: /youtube help. (Thanks to Taavi S. for this suggestion).
  • [ADD] Added Screenshot dialog. Now you can make screenshots of the full screen, mIRC window or the active window directly from this dialog.
  • [ADD] Added Screenshot command-line: /screenshot (/shot) [help|help -x] [-fmwpod] what you can do quick screenshots (even multiple captures at the same time). For details: /screenshot help.
    Note: You can add /screenshot command to F1 buttons for a better accessibility (or other commands).
  • [ADD] Added Alternative Channel Central dialog with more advanced options. Now you can view/edit/modify bans, exceptions, invites and channel modes through this option. (Thanks to Taavi S. for this suggestion).
    Note: Are supported only: List of Bans, Exceptions and Invites. The List of Quiets are not supported, because this option is supported by a few networks only and many networks replaced this with Owner modules.
    Note: Standard Channel Central is not removed and is also can be accessed. See the next add.
  • [ADD] Added feature in General Options dialog to set the default method to access Channel Central as: Standard, Alternative or On choose.
    Note: By default, is set to: On choose
  • [ADD] Extended command /ip (Ip Lookup) to support nicks and hosts. For details: /ip help.
  • [ADD] Added Ip Lookup to nicklist menu that performs ip lookup of the chosen nick (if its host is not hidden or masked).
  • [FIX] Fixed bug that crashes sometimes mIRC when DCX is not updating the docked panels and bars in time.
  • [FIX] Fixed bug "D_ERROR /xdid" when you try to close the channel where are you kicked/banned off.
  • [FIX] Fixed bug "D_ERROR /querdiag" when you try to open a query with a case-sensitive mismatch.
  • [FIX] Fixed weather forecast problem by changing the method from socket to vbs to collect the weather data through (f*ck sockets). (Thanks to Taavi S. for this fix).
  • [FIX] Fixed "/sockopen: 'youtube.*' socket in use" bug that appears sometimes when $ticks returns the same value.
  • [FIX] Fixed WHO list to obtain full addresses when you join a channel. This will avoid the "null address" on many events.
  • [FIX] Fixed issue to not evaluate the own messages as a foreign messages in some cases when you connect to a ZNC/BNC that has the messages' playback option enabled.
  • [FIX] Fixed "/writeini" bug when you try to add friends through query bar.
  • [FIX] Fixed issues to save the states of the windows correctly when you exit/restart from/the mIRC. (Thanks to Taavi S. for this fix).
  • [FIX] Fixed selection color of treeviews from Select Server dialog to be set correctly for Standard Theme.
  • [FIX] Fixed mIRC Options from Toolbar to be open correctly for every input language in the system.
  • [FIX] Fixed "D_ERROR /xdialog" bug when you save the list of auto-hide channels in the respective dialog. (Thanks to Taavi S. for this fix).
  • [MODIFY] Modified the method (and the animations too) to play the animations using the DCX DirectShow objects instead of overlay-images method used till now. Now the animations are clearly, faster and not using so much resources. Also, are added new animations.
    Note: This option requires K-Lite Codec Pack to be installed in your system, otherwise the animations will be replaced with simple images.
  • [MODIFY] Increased the speed of the playlist's init process. Now in the playlist will be displayed the name of the files instead of artist/name of the song. The ID3 tags will be displayed in other options added (see changes).
  • [MODIFY] Changed the method of collecting the language strings from Read to Hash Tables. The applied method greatly increases the scripts speed per total.
  • [MODIFY] Modified backgrounds of some dialogs.
  • [MODIFY] Changed the method of adding songs, radio stations, playlists to Audio Player. Now is created Add Media dialog that simplify all the process, easy to use and more powerful.
  • [MODIFY] Modified some Audio options due to the changes made above. Also, is modified completely the Audio Options dialog being grouped in: General, Audio and Radio options.
  • [MODIFY] Corrected and rectified many text strings for English language. (Thanks to Taavi S. for this suggestion).
  • [MODIFY] Modified Playlist dialog due to these changes made above.
  • [MODIFY] Stylized all the links objects from all dialogs.
  • [MODIFY] Modified from one click to double click the query-bar dialog's object (textual information object) to avoid accidental clicks when you open a maximized query window.
  • [MODIFY] Modified to evaluate ip lookups correctly when the script meet null values or invalid ips.
  • [REMOVE] Removed the option to warn about the outside sounds when you try to play music.
  • [OTHER] Other mirror fixes, changes, removes.


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Alexandru   -  Mar 05, 2018

Update 05.03.2018: Updated mIRC.exe from 7.51 to 7.52 version! All the installers from the Download section are updated! Those who have already installed v14.9 version, can update mIRC.exe directly from mIRC (right-click menu Status -> Update). Typically, the Script checks automatically for the updates when the user starts mIRC, but you can also check manually by issuing the explication said above.

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