uN-DaMageD Info.

By XtiuM on May 29, 2006

Hai, This is just a little script for when someone Leaves/Join's etc, I'm still in the middle of it but I thought I would let you all check it out..


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guest598594   -  Aug 21, 2007

it\'s ok...i dont see why id need to know that.

what is the point of the @window?

guest598594   -  Aug 21, 2007

cant tell what it does with all the colors! ill test it out for ya

Metallboy100   -  Aug 21, 2007

not bad tbh

B0bb3h   -  May 31, 2006

Yes XtiuM, i tried it. ;]

DarkWatcher   -  May 30, 2006

I like it a lot, it seems very useful, and looks nice, even though it isn\'t complete. Good Job.

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