Very Simple Mimic

By Xylem on May 23, 2006

It's very simple. Just load it onto mIRC and type /mimic and then when you want it to stop type / It's easy and simple. The best thing that a noob can use.

on *:load: {
  echo -a 9,1Thanks for Using Xylem's Mimic
#mimic on
#mimic end
alias mimic {
  set %mimic.person $1
  set %channel $chan
  .enable #mimic
  echo -a 9,1Mimicing $1

alias {
  .disable #mimic
  echo -a 9,1No longer mimicing %mimic.person
  unset %mimic.person

on *:text:*:%channel: {
  if ($group(#mimic).status == on) {
    if ($nick == %mimic.person) {
      msg $chan $1-

menu channel,nicklist,query {
  .Bob's's Mimicer
  ..Mimic Person:/mimic $$?="Person to mimic:"
  ..End Mimic:/


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Noutrious   -  May 24, 2006

and wheres the on action..?

sean   -  May 24, 2006

EDIT: i see where u used %channel; over lookd it before

sean   -  May 24, 2006

1) your fogetting a bracket at the end, 2) why not put the on text event inside the group? this way you don\'t have to check wheter the group is disabled or enabled. 3) you have a global %chan variable that never gets used. 4) im going to remake this out of bordem

Xylem   -  May 23, 2006

I got bored this morning and made that.

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