cs_saregister bot mIRC for Anope 2.0+ (with UnrealIRCd)

By hlpxbr on Oct 01, 2017

I wrote this to use with my network

Syntax: !regchan

Function: The function is to act like the old module cs_saregister from Anope 1.8.9

Warning: The user needs to have level 10 or more (/auser 10 nick)
Warning: This only works in #Staff Channel
Warning: This only works with Anope 2.0+ and UnrealIRCd

on *:text:!regchan*:#Staff:{
  if ($2 == $null) || ($3 == $null) || ($level($nick) <= 9) {
    msg #Staff Syntax error, please use the following syntax: !regchan <channel> <nick of the founder of the channel>
    msg #Staff The nick needs to be registered with NickServ.
    msg #Staff Warning: only users with access on me can use this command, if you are using the correct syntax and the command isn't working, maybe this is the problem. (Your level is: $level($nick) $+ ) (Minimum level: 10)
  else {
    cs info $2
    msg #Staff Running the first step: is the Channel registered or not?
    set %cs_saregister.status CheckingIfRegistered
    set %cs_saregister.nickFounder $3
    set %cs_saregister.nickReg $nick
    set %cs_saregister.channel $2


on *:text:!regnick*:#Staff:{
  msg #Staff To register nicks please use the NickServ to do this: /msg NickServ SAREGISTER <nick> <password> <e-mail>

alias registrarcanal {
  join %cs_saregister.channel
  msg #Staff Third step: Registering the channel... wait!
  .timer 1 3 cs register %cs_saregister.channel
  .timer 1 5 cs topic %cs_saregister.channel Channel registered by %cs_saregister.nickReg to %cs_saregister.nickFounder
  .timer 1 6 part %cs_saregister.channel
  .timer 1 7 cs set founder %cs_saregister.channel %cs_saregister.nickFounder
  .timer 1 8 msg #Staff Channel registered! %cs_saregister.nickReg to %cs_saregister.nickFounder $+ .
  .timer 1 10 unset %cs_saregister.*

on *:NOTICE:*:*:{
  ;Information for channel
  if ($1 == Information) && ($2 == for) && ($nick == ChanServ) {
    set %cs_saregister.status Registered
    msg #Staff First step: fail (The channel is registered!)
    unset %cs_saregister.*
  ;Channel #BR isn't registered.
  if ($1 == Channel) && (registered isin $4) && ($nick == ChanServ) {
    set %cs_saregister.status NotRegistered
    ns info %cs_saregister.nickFounder
    msg #Staff Second step: is the Nick of the founder registered or not?
  ;Nick BR isn't registered.
  ;Miss is
  if ($1 == %cs_saregister.nickFounder) && ($2 == is) && ($nick == NickServ) {
  if ($1 == Nick) && (%cs_saregister.nickFounder == $strip($2)) && ($4 == registered.) && ($nick == NickServ) {
    msg #Staff Second step: fail (The nick of founder isn't registered!)
    unset %cs_saregister.*



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merygo   -  Jul 26, 2018

Anope 2.0+ and UnrealIRCd is something I love these days and this snippet is just handy for me

simo   -  Oct 02, 2017

as services root in anope 2.0* u can register any channel without the need for a module and transfer founder access to anyone

hlpxbr  -  Oct 04, 2017

Yes, in fact. But, if you are lazy same to me, you will prefer to use a unique command to do it.

simo  -  Oct 05, 2017

you could add alias in ircd (using gottems fantasy module) to send commands to anope2 or u could even add the alias in anope2 that way it saves typing entire commands that way it goes thro the ircd/anope2 incase mirc is down, many ways to do this really

for example in unrealircd.conf u could add :
and have users do this in channel /chanreg #channel

alias "chanreg" {
format "^#" {
target "chanserv";
type services;
parameters "REGISTER %1-";
format "^[^#]" {
target "chanserv";
type services;
parameters "REGISTER %1-";
type command;

hlpxbr  -  Oct 05, 2017

Yes, i know, i think that u didn't understand me, so, this code is to replace the cs_saregister module for anope 1.8.x, the module cs_saregister register channels and set founder to the nick /cs saregister , you can't do it on anope 2.0 that doesn't have this option...

simo  -  Oct 06, 2017

also if a user cant register his own channel by him/herselve ( and need others to register it for them ) they are not fit to run it

jacklynnvern  -  Dec 02, 2017

Hi everyone,

always been a bit of lurker around here I have not used UnrealIRCD for many years however a time has come where I wish to get involved again and start using.
m |pestveda

I am having some issues trying to link Anope to UnrealIRCD (UnrealIRCd 4.0.4 & Anope 2.0.3)

the error I am getting appears to be very generic.

unrealircd.conf thanks 4 sharing

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