Open urls in desired browser

By krimson on May 08, 2006

Here are some useful aliases. It's not complicated at all... Not even by far, but a lot of people ask (me or my frieds) how to open up urls in another browser than their default one. This could be extended to any other browser. Please keep in mind that you might have to change .exe to the browser's full path ("C:\path\to\browser.exe" instead of browser.exe). It works perfectly for me, but you never know

alias firefox { run firefox.exe $1- }
alias ie { run iexplore.exe $1- }
alias opera { run opera.exe $1- }


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spitfire3292   -  May 12, 2006

nice. this is more for a lazy man\'s way around the internet. and you can also just post the site in a window and double click it and it will open the default browser

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