Yugioh Duel Manager

By Ne0xC on Apr 24, 2006

This is a script(dialog) for all online yugioh(yvd) Players. It records all wins, losses and draws . It also makes a custim duel request which may be simply designed by users.


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Tag   -  Oct 06, 2008

/did: 'duelz' invalid id '31' (line 13, script7.ini) that comes up when i try to open the manager and i cant reset my record either

Metallboy100   -  Aug 22, 2007

i dont get this thing with \"button\"

err2   -  May 15, 2006

Nice script. Score for YVD
But it be kewl if you set a timer to auto ask for duels every 30 lines or 5 min. But its just a suggestion since I don\'t like pressing buttons. Too lazy :D

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