Mode Thanker - Matrix Edition

By Ne0xC on Apr 24, 2006

A hot mode thanker script with a slick matrix theme. For all modes displays thank you message with a mode counter for every mode. Works with both addition and removal of status. Uses rawmode .


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Metallboy100   -  Aug 22, 2007

doesnt work, but it sure do look good...

Jordyboy   -  May 14, 2006

Lol, this is cool.
Good Work.

Ne0xC   -  Apr 26, 2006

<3 captainhollyshort lol. Thx.

Naemuti   -  Apr 26, 2006

I find that an on rawmode event is better suited for mode counters/ststus thankers; it didn\'t work for me with on mode. Great job Neo though, can\'t wait to see when Matrix Script comes out!!

Zybez   -  Apr 26, 2006

Nice snippet. colors arent my stong suit but yours arent really my choice in em. but i like the ussage, could be ussed in on *:MODE form but still very nice work ;)

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