Current Crypto-Currency Price -mIRC script-

By rebel9 on May 31, 2017

Displays the current price of BTC/ETH/LTC/PPC. Works with SReject's JSONForMirc

UPDATE: BTC/ETH - Added the highs and lows for a 24 hour span.

Usage - (user): !coins
Example - (bot): (Coins) Bitcoin (BTC): 2410.8 [High:2465.92] [Low:2306.86] Ethereum (ETH): 221.47 [High:236.5] [Low:206.51] Litecoin (LTC): 27.65 Peercoin (PPC): 1.56

Coded by bongrip. - +6697 #insecurity

alias coins {
  JSONOpen -u coin,ETH,PPC,LTC&tsyms=USD,EUR
  var %BTC:USD = $round($JSON(coin, RAW, BTC, USD, PRICE).value, 2)
  var %ETH:USD = $round($JSON(coin, RAW, ETH, USD, PRICE).value, 2)
  var %LTC:USD = $round($JSON(coin, RAW, LTC, USD, PRICE).value, 2)
  var %PPC:USD = $round($JSON(coin, RAW, PPC, USD, PRICE).value, 2)
  var %high:btc = $round($JSON(coin, RAW, BTC, USD, HIGH24HOUR).value, 2)
  var %low:btc = $round($JSON(coin, RAW, BTC, USD, LOW24HOUR).value, 2)
  var %high:eth = $round($JSON(coin, RAW, ETH, USD, HIGH24HOUR).value, 2)
  var %low:eth = $round($JSON(coin, RAW, ETH, USD, LOW24HOUR).value, 2)
  JSONClose coin
  return 14(Coins14) Bitcoin (BTC):12 %BTC:USD $+(,$chr(91),9H,3,igh:,%high:btc,$chr(93)) $+(,$chr(91),4L,5,ow:,%low:btc,$chr(93)) Ethereum (ETH):12 %ETH:USD $+(,$chr(91),9H,3,igh:,%high:eth,$chr(93)) $+(,$chr(91),4L,5,ow:,%low:eth,$chr(93))  Litecoin (LTC):12 %LTC:USD Peercoin (PPC):12 %PPC:USD 

on $*:text:/^[!@.](coins)( |$)/iS:#:{
  if (!%fud && !$($+(%, fud., $nick), 2)) {
    set -u3 %fud On
    set -u10 %fud. $+ $nick On
    msg $chan $left($replace($coins, $crlf, $chr(32), $cr, $chr(32), $lf, $chr(32)), 250)


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ovelayer   -  Jun 01, 2017

could you please provide a link to the json version you used...
the one by sreject was moved to github and that version does not work with this script...
thanks =)

rebel9  -  Jun 01, 2017 The latest version, beta. I updated from a very old version of JSON (i think it was v0.2.2) and mIRC so it's now updated, that's why $round is there. if it still doesnt work, come to that IRC, I'll help you out because I want this to work the first time for everyone....because it weirdly works for me on both old version and new.

ovelayer  -  Jun 01, 2017

still cant get it to work..
maybe put this script with the json included at the it's all 1 script...
i dont see a chan info to join and ask my questions there...but with the jason you gave me i tried it 2 ways...
made the json a seperate .mrc file and loaded it....---failed
added the json to the bottom of this script...---failed
would like to see this work if possible...

rebel9  -  Jun 01, 2017

Updated to newest JSON, had to define .value as SReject has shown.

SReject  -  Jun 01, 2017

@ovelayer the following has been altered to work with the latest version of my json parser(1.0.3x; the one on github); though I haven't tested it:

disregard; the author has updated the above script to work with the latest JFM version

ovelayer  -  Jun 02, 2017

k updated the coin script incase of changes updated the json to the latest rc build on github...
i still get 0 results...
does json work in a vm enviorment? i know it doesnt in wine...
my bot runs on vm... is this the problem?
i am running mirc 7.49

rebel9  -  Jun 02, 2017

Example of it working on my server right now with all the latest :
(~user) !coins
(&bot) (Coins) Bitcoin (BTC): 2397.52 [High:2464.52] [Low:2320.84] Ethereum (ETH): 219.38 [High:228.24] [Low:206.52] Litecoin (LTC): 27.2 Peercoin (PPC): 1.55

rebel9  -  Jun 02, 2017

Also, try removing:

on $*:text:/^[!@.](coins)( |$)/iS:#:{

And add:

on $*:text:!coins:#: {
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