[Ranged IP ScanKicker] ***updated***

By ch1zra on Apr 14, 2006

Snippet that scans all users on $active channel for given mask. Uses wildcard, and it can just scan, scan kick, or scan kickban.

Usage : channel popup > [Ranged IP ScanKicker] or

/scan [portion of address or IP] just scan

/scan +k [portion of address or IP] scan & kick

/scan +kb [portion of address or IP] scan & kickban

If no [portion of address or IP] is given, you get $input dialog asking you for one.


Now it has one major alias, instead of 3 almost identic ones :P

plus one small for checking is the address given :]


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HassanAbbas   -  Nov 28, 2006


ch1zra   -  Apr 24, 2006

npaa, but I don\'t know tha command for akill :P
I never messed with powerfull users...
but npaa ;]

PCTech   -  Apr 21, 2006

I like it! Would it be possible for you to write a seperate one that would be for IRCOps/NetAdmin that would akill the IP range? Or maybe have an options to kick, kick/ban or akill? -Thanks

ch1zra   -  Apr 14, 2006

someone did this long ago, I believe it was supergeo...
but, this one is my version :)

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