topic lock

By Soxide on Apr 18, 2004

ok i have just made this script for requests so i thought i would put it for people who dont look @ the forum put this in remotes change the channel remember and set the topic first by typeing /settopic

alias settopic {
 set %chantopic $$?="eneter topic here"
on !*:topic:#chan: {
  topic $chan %chantopic


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|MELIORITE|   -  Mar 11, 2007

I\'m not sure I have much to add other than its good to be aware, either in your introductory notes or otherwise in the script that server and/or chan bots may already have topic protection on- and that using this script will create a rolling screen of reset topics. I also think its a good idea to warn people not to use it unless they are channel owners of with a chan owners permission... but maybe that needs not be said. I would encourage you to look at some of the similar yet alternate scripts on this area to assist your creativity develop.

Soxide   -  Apr 23, 2004

umm how if some one changed the topic it will change it back which it is ment for.... lol yes i know i tye too quick i need to slow down and spell properly

CRadle_of_filth   -  Apr 19, 2004

Because that could turn into a Topic Line Flood

CRadle_of_filth   -  Apr 19, 2004

wow this snippet can get you kicked out of channels really easy

ledzeppelin   -  Apr 19, 2004

learn to spell!!!!!!!!!!!

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