Simple easier mIRC commands

By ZabuzaMomochi on Apr 13, 2006

Just some easy irc/mirc commands. Gah! Sorry im only up to memoserv and i have to go :( i will complete it tommarrow! Hope you guys like it so far.

Menu nicklist {
...Whois:whois $$2
..Send:ms send $$?="Who would you like to send a memo to?" $$?="What is your message?"
..Read:ms read $$?"What is the number of the memo you want to read?"
..Last:ms read last
..Limit:ms set limit $$?="What is the limit of memos you want to recieve?"
..Cancel:ms cancel $$?="Which nick did you send the memo you want to cancel to?"
..Delete:ms del $$?="Which memo do you want to delete?((what number?))"
..Info:ms info
..on:ms set notify on
..logon:ms set notify logon set notify off set notify new


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ZabuzaMomochi   -  May 07, 2006

gah sorry my computer broke down! Nfield im gonna get on it for a better rating! Lol Off to the wonderfull world of mIRC coding!

nfield38   -  Apr 28, 2006

This doesn\'t really have to do with mIRC commands firstly. Secondly, it\'s not finished. Complete it further than MemoServ and it might receive a better rating. ;/

ZabuzaMomochi   -  Apr 14, 2006

Caretaker.. what if you wanted to send a memo to someone out of the channel that your in?

CaRe_Taker   -  Apr 13, 2006

with your ms thing
you could make it like this...
..Send:ms send $$?=\"Who would you like to send a memo to?\" $$?=\"What is your message?\"
..Send:ms send $$1 $$?=\"What is your message?\"
then you can just click on the nick you want to send the message to :)

Cage   -  Apr 13, 2006

You may also want to include an /ms alias in there. Just in case that command isn\'t supported on somebody\'s server.

xDaeMoN   -  Apr 13, 2006

On your whois, $$2 should be $$1.

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