Easy Badwords Mirc Protection

By Charlatan on Mar 26, 2017

Example from old Mirc Script, modify whatever you want:

01000011 01101000 01100001 01110010 01101100 01100001 01110100 01100001 01101110                                                                                 

on @!*:text:*:#:if (%Badword. [ $+ [ # ] ] = si) { Badwordkick $strip($1-) }
on @!*:action:*:#:if (%Badword. [ $+ [ # ] ] = si) { Badwordkick $strip($1-) }
alias -l Badwordkick { 
  var %b = $strip($1-)
  if ($nick(#, $nick, '.@)) halt
  if ($regex(%b,/(ass.?holes?|c[uo][nc][tk]|b[i!]tchs?|[fs]uc?ks?|dicks?|whores?|sluts?))/i) badkick
alias -l badkick {
;Put whatever command you want in this area or put the command in the alias archive of the mirc under the name of badkick.

Menu Channel {
.$Iif(%Badword. [ $+ [ # ] ] == si, $Style(1)) Badword Protection: {
    Set %Badword. [ $+ [ # ] ] $Iif(%Badword. [ $+ [ # ] ] == si, no, si)
    Echo -at * 0Badwords Protection $Iif(%Badword. [ $+ [ # ] ] == si, Activated, Desactivated)

Badkick and Bigkick are aliases post whatever you want there.


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