Simple Graphical User Interface

By SykO on Mar 12, 2017

Simple Graphical User Interface is a tool that gives an alternate interface for your projects. Currently it has two main parts, "dialogs" and "popups". First, dialogs (PicWin Dialogs [PWDs]) are the alternative to the default dialogs. Second, popups (PicWin Popups [PWPs]) are the alternative to the default popups. Both have a similar format to the default counterparts. One of the out standing features of this tool is that one can customize it by creating "themes" and "skins".

This project and documentation can be found here.

This project is currently in Pre-Alpha. I just wanted to show what I have created so far. I have tried to create it with the same format as the native ones. You can check out the Tests (which can be found at the end of the code), and the code is heavily commented. Here is a preview:

PWD Test


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billyx   -  5 days ago

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SykO   -  Mar 20, 2017

Project is now hosted on Github

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