Slackers UnrealIRCd IRCop Script

By slcker76 on Mar 17, 2006

This is your basic run of the mill IRCop pop up with features such as one push kill, one push akill, help system, sa modes, oper modes, one click notices. Bout the only thing that differs between this and anyother script is probablly the one click akill. Select a name in the nick list, click akill enter amout of days, then put in your reason and bam, don't need to enter any ip or host, the script does it for you. THIS SCRIPT WILL ONLY WORK ON UNREALIRCd!!! If you use it on another IRCd and it works, congratulations. If it does not work, maybe next time you'll listen.

Copy and paste the code below to the mIRC script editor under the remotes tab, save it to what ever you wish to call it.

WARNING:: If you use this snippet, responsibility for the outcome is yours and yours alone. If it messes up your mIRC, your computer, your network, your network users, your users computers, or anybody or anything else, its on you. Basically, I offer no warranty or guarentee for this code. If you use this snippet, you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!

I have been using this now for 3 months, have made very few modifications as it works well. Curious to see what people think of it

;------Slackers UnrealIRCd IRCop Script------
;!!!!!!!!Do Not Edit The Akill Section Of This File!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
; This script uses server numerics, editing this file can compromise its ability to work.
; It is intended for on any network running UnrealIRCd
; You must be at least a Global Operator with services access to use this script.
; Thanks go out to Gomer McGee aka monk for the one step akill

;-Akill, Do NOT edit anything below this line--
raw 378:*: {
  set %akp $7

menu nicklist {
  $network IRCop Controls
  ..Oper Kill:/kill $$1 $$?="Enter Reason"
  ..Oper AKILL:{ 
    whois $$1
    set %akpa $?!="Are You Sure You Want To Akill $$1 $+ ?"
    if (%akpa == $false) { goto zero }
    elseif (%akpa == $true) { goto one }
    else { halt }
    timer 1 3 msg operserv akill add + $+ $$?="Enter Time Limit In Days. If 30 days, you would just put 30" *@ $+ %akp $$?="Enter A Valid Reason"
;-You may edit below this line
  ..Join:/sajoin $$?="Enter Nick" $$?="Enter Channel Name. Ex #help"
  ..Admin:/samode # +a $$1
  ..DeAdmin:/samode # -a $$1
  ..Op:/samode # +o $$1
  ..De-Op:/samode # -o $$1
  ..Half-Op:/samode # +o $$1
  ..De-Half-Op:/samode # -o $$1
  ..Voice:/samode # +v $$1
  ..De-Voice:/samode # -v $$1
  .Oper Modes
  ..Mode: operserv mode # $$?="Enter Mode" $$1
  ..Admin: operserv mode # +aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa $$1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 $10 $11 $12 $13 $14 $15 $16 $17 $18 $19 $20 
  ..Deadmin: operserv mode # -aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa $$1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 $10 $11 $12 $13 $14 $15 $16 $17 $18 $19 $20
  ..op: operserv mode # +oooooooooooooooooooo $$1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 $10 $11 $12 $13 $14 $15 $16 $17 $18 $19 $20
  ..deop: operserv mode # -oooooooooooooooooooo $$1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 $10 $11 $12 $13 $14 $15 $16 $17 $18 $19 $20
  ..voice: operserv mode # +vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv $$1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 $10 $11 $12 $13 $14 $15 $16 $17 $18 $19 $20
  ..devoice: operserv mode # -vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv $$1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 $10 $11 $12 $13 $14 $15 $16 $17 $18 $19 $20
  ..halfop: operserv mode # +hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh $$1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 $10 $11 $12 $13 $14 $15 $16 $17 $18 $19 $20 
  ..dehalfop: operserv mode # -hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh $$1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 $10 $11 $12 $13 $14 $15 $16 $17 $18 $19 $20
  ..kill:/kill $1 $$?="Enter Reason For Kill"
  .Services Help
  ..ChanServ Help:/msg chanserv help
  ..NickServ Help:/msg nickserv help
  ..BotServ Help:/msg botserv help
  ..HostServ Help:/msg hostserv help
  ..OperServ Help:/msg operserv help
  ..Global:/msg operserv global $$?="Enter Message"
  ..Loc Msg:/locops $$?=(Message)
  ..WallOps:/wallops $$?=(Message)
  ..Globops:/Globops $$?=(Message) 
  $network Help System
  .Nick Services...
  ..Register://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to register your nick... type /msg nickserv register password email <----replace the word password and email with a password and email of your choice.  NEVER give it out. ex: /msg nickserv register 12345
  ..Identify://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to identify yourself to NickServ... type /msg nickserv identify password <----replace the word password with your password. ex: /msg nickserv identify 12345
  ..Recover://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to recover your nick if someone else is using it... type /msg nickserv recover yournicktorecover password ex:/msg nickserv recover $me 12345
  ..Release://me $c(1) says to $c(2) $$1 $c(1) :the Release command is used in conjunction with the Recover Command.  When you have used the recover command, NickServ sent a kill to the user of that nick.  NickServ will then hold the recovered nick for 2 minutes and not let anyone use it.  To overide the 2 minute wait, use the Release Command by typing /msg nickserv Release nick ex:/nickserv Release Myothernick  In the event that Myothernick Access List did not have my mask the password would be required in the command as follows:/msg nickserv Release Myothernick password   ex:/msg nickserv Release Myothernick 12345
  ..Ghost://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to ghost your nick type /msg nickserv ghost nick password ex: /msg nickserv ghost $me 12345 
  ..Drop://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to drop your nick... (requires you identify to NickServ) type /msg nickserv drop nick ex:/nickserv Drop $me 
  ..Info://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to get information on a nick... type /msg nickserv info nick ex: /msg nickserv info $me
  ..ID://me says to 11 $$1 8 :the ID Command is mostly for bots to keep track of nick but not active on DALnet as of 30 Dec 96
  ..ACC://me says to 11 $$1 8 :the ACC Command is mostly for bots to verify the access level of a user to NickServ.  This function is usefull to determine the access level of a user or even identity... type /msg nickserv acc nick ex:/msg nickserv acc $me  <--- the reply means 0 = not using a registered nick , 1 = user not using an Authorized mask by NickServ for the registered nick, 2 = Valid mask by NickServ but user did not yet identify to NickServ, 3 = User has identify successfully to NickServ
  ...List://me says to 11 $$1 8 :the ACCESS LIST Command is used to list your access masks. type /nickserv mask list ..this will give you the access list  for your current nick.  If you have an other registered nick you can type /msg nickserv access list othernick ... to view it's access list.
  ...Add://me says to 11 $$1 8 :the ACCESS ADD Command is used to Add Access mask to your Access List.  For example, If i do a /whois $me and have an address $me $+ !XwX@ i would type /nickserv Access Add XwX@204.209.164.*   if my /whois result was $me $+ ! then i would type /msg nickserv access Add XwX@*  .. please note the location of the wild card characters for dynamic addresses.
  ...Del://me says to 11 $$1 8 :the ACCESS DEL Command is used to remove Access mask from your Access List.  You should first do /msg nickserv access list to find the mask you whish to remove then type /msg nickserv Access Del XwX@204.209.164.*   The mask must be exactly as listed in the Access list for NickServ to accept the change.
  ...Passwd://me says to 11 $$1 8 :the Set Passwd is used to change your password with NickServ. (you first need to identify yourself to NickServ prior to changing your password) type /msg nickserv SET Passwd newpassword ex:/msg nickserv SET Passwd new12345
  ...Kill://me says to 11 $$1 8 :the Set Kill Command instruct NickServ to initiate a kill on any user who do not match your access list or did not identify to NickServ with your password within 60 seconds.  To Set your Kill Option ON or OFF type /msg nickserv SET Kill ON ... to turn it on. /msg nickserv SET Kill OFF to turn it off.
  ...URL://me says to 11 $$1 8 :the Set URL Command (URL = Uniform Resource Locator) is used to attach information to your nick which will be available to anyone getting info on your nick.  It can be your home page.. or email etc. type /msg nickserv SET URL $me $+ or /msg nickserv SET URL  to erase the content simply type /nickserv SET URL
  Channel Services...
  ..Register://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to register a channel type /msg chanserv register #channelname password description  <---- replace #channelname password and description with the information of your choice.  Write down the password, don't forget it and NEVER give it out. /msg chanserv register #myhome 12345 The best place to be!
  ..Identify://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to identify to chanserv type /msg chanserv identify #channel password <----- replace password with your password ex: /msg chanserv identify #mylittlehome 12345
  ..Drop://me says to 11 $$1 8 :(must identify to chanserv first ) to Drop a channel registered with msg chanserv type /msg chanserv drop #channel ex:/msg chanserv drop #myhome
  ..Info://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to get info on a channel (topic lock, channel Description, Last oping etc.) type /msg chanserv info #channel ex:/msg chanserv info #Lebanon
  ..Access://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to find out the access level of any user to a registered channel (the user MUST be online) type /msg chanserv Access #channel nick ex:/msg chanserv Access $chan $me . The reply will be a notice in the following format: ACC #channel yournick user@host access-level ex:#Lebanon $me XwX@ 0 .. the access levels are as follows: 0 = user only,  1 = Auto OP,  2 = Super OP, 3 = Founder, 4 = Identified to NickServ for the founders nickname, 5 = Identified to msg chanserv as the founder.  If the user is not on line the reply will be ACC #channel nick Unknown 0   
  ..OP://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to op someone using  chanserv type /msg chanserv OP nick ex:/msg chanserv OP $me  to Deop some one use /msg chanserv OP -nick .  On a channel with opguard, the access level will determine if a user can Deop.  For example.. an AOP cannnot msg chanserv DEOP a SOP,Founder but it will work the other way around.
  ..Deop://me says to 11 $$1 8 :The DEOP function is Deactivated as of 31 DEC 96... use /msg chanserv OP #channel -nick ex: /msg chanserv OP $chan - $+ $me
  ...ME://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to Unban yourself from a registered channel which you have Aop Status and above type /msg chanserv Unban #channel   ex:/msg chanserv UNBAN $chan 
  ...ALL://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to Empty the ban list on a registered channel (superop only) type /msg chanserv Unban #channel *  ex:/msg chanserv Unban $chan *
  ..Invite://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to invite someone to a channel or your self to a +i channel (most be Aop and Above) type /msg chanserv invite #channel nick ex:/msg chanserv invite #Lebanon $me   Do not use this command to Mass invite.. It is NOT ALLOWED on $network $+ .
  ..Mdeop://me says to 11 $$1 8 :the Mdeop Command will trigger msg chanserv deop everyone on the registered channel with lower or equal access level for ex: a Sop could Mdeop all the AOP and SOP on a registered channel but Founder.  Type /msg chanserv Mdeop #channel 
  ..Mkick://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to Mass Kick a channel Type /msg chanserv mkick #channel This command will only work for the highest access level OP in the channel.  For example: An AOP cannot Mass Kick if a SOP is on the Channel.
  ...Founder://me says to 11 $$1 8 :To change founders nick name (Must identify to msg chanserv for that channel) while using the nick you which to set as the founder nick type /msg chanserv set #channel founder
  ...Passwd://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to change the Founder access password type /msg chanserv set #channel passwd newpassword ex:/msg chanserv set #Lebanon passwd 12345
  ...Desc://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to change the channel description type /msg chanserv set #channel Desc channeldescriptionhere ex:/msg chanserv set #Lebanon This is the Coolest channel to be on
  ...Mlock://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to lock the modes of a registered channel type /msg chanserv set #channel mlock Mode ex:/msg chanserv set #Lebanon mlock +tn-ispklm this setting would allow only make these mode unchangeable. If you want to be able to change a certain mode.. just omit it in the Mlock mask.   For example if you wanted all the mode locked except m you would type /msg chanserv set #channel mlock +tn-ispkl (note that the m is not in the mlock mask therefore is available to ops for changing on the channel)
  ...Opguard://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to allow only OPS only to people on the AOP list, SOP list or the Founder type /msg chanserv set #channel Opguard ON   to revert the process ... replace ON with OFF
  ...Keeptopic://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to use sticky topics type /msg chanserv set #channel keeptopic ON   this command will allow your channel to keep the topic when everyone leaves.
  ...URL://me says to 11 $$1 8 :the Set URL Command (URL = Uniform Resource Locator) is used to attach information to your Channel which will be available to anyone getting info on your channel.  It can be your home page.. or email etc. type /msg chanserv SET #channel URL $me $+ or /msg chanserv SET #channel URL  to erase the content simply type /msg chanserv SET #channel URL 
  ...Topiclock://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to allow only SOP and above to change the channel topic type /msg chanserv set #channel topicLock ON 
  ...Leaveops://me says to 11 $$1 8 :the LeaveOps Command Makes you channel behave as if msg chanserv was non-existant but still auto OP the AOP,SOP,Founder.  type /msg chanserv set #channel LeaveOps ON
  ...Private://me says to 11 $$1 8 :the Set Private makes the channel invisible to the msg chanserv LIST command and /list command(except for the founder).  type /msg chanserv set #channel Private ON  (Note: The Invite cannot be used with a channel with Private ON.)
  ...Ident://me says to 11 $$1 8 :the Set Ident is for maximum security of a channel.  It cause msg chanserv to OP only those AOP or SOP who Identify successfully to NickServ. type /msg chanserv SET #channel IDENT ON
  ...Restrict://me says to 11 $$1 8 :The Restrict option will prevent anyone who is not an OP to join that channel.  This channel will only allow people on the Aop/Sop list and Founder to join.  type /msg chanserv set #channel Restrict ON
  ...Add://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to Add a Sop to the SOP list type /msg chanserv SOP #channel ADD nick|mask ex:/msg chanserv SOP #Lebanon ADD $me  or /msg chanserv SOP #Lebanon ADD *!*XwX@* or /msg chanserv SOP #Lebanon ADD *!*XwX@204.209.164.*
  ...Del://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to Delete a Sop from the SOP list type /msg chanserv SOP #channel DEL nick|mask|number ex:/msg chanserv SOP #Lebanon DEL $me  or /msg chanserv SOP #Lebanon DEL *!*XwX@* or /msg chanserv SOP #Lebanon DEL 12
  ...List://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to List the SOP on a channel type /msg chanserv SOP #channel List <Parameter> for example: /msg chanserv SOP #Lebanon List will list all the SOPs from the list on #Lebanon and /msg chanserv SOP #Lebanon List ** will list only the SOPs from 
  ...Add://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to Add a Aop to the AOP list type /msg chanserv AOP #channel ADD nick|mask ex:/msg chanserv AOP #Lebanon ADD $me  or /msg chanserv AOP #Lebanon ADD *!*XwX@* or /msg chanserv AOP #Lebanon ADD *!*XwX@204.209.164.*
  ...Del://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to Delete a Aop from the AOP list type /msg chanserv AOP #channel DEL nick|mask|number ex:/msg chanserv AOP #Lebanon DEL $me  or /msg chanserv AOP #Lebanon DEL *!*XwX@* or /msg chanserv AOP #Lebanon DEL 12
  ...List://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to List the AOP on a channel type /msg chanserv AOP #channel List <Parameter> for example: /msg chanserv AOP #Lebanon List will list all the AOPs from the list on #Lebanon and /msg chanserv AOP #Lebanon List ** will list only the SOPs from 
  ...Add://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to Add someone to the Akick (Auto Kick) list type /msg chanserv Akick #channel ADD nick|mask ex:/msg chanserv Akick #Lebanon ADD $me  or /msg chanserv Akick #Lebanon ADD *!*XwX@* or /msg chanserv Akick #Lebanon ADD *!*XwX@204.209.164.* (note that the default mask when using a nick is *!*userid@host.domain )
  ...Del://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to Delete someone from the Akick (Auto Kick) list type /msg chanserv Akick #channel DEL nick|mask|number ex:/msg chanserv Akick #Lebanon DEL $me  or /msg chanserv Akick #Lebanon DEL *!*XwX@* or /msg chanserv Akick #Lebanon DEL 12
  ...List://say 11 $$1 8 :to List the AKICK (Auto Kick) on a channel type /msg chanserv Akick #channel List <Parameter> for example: /msg chanserv Akick #Lebanon List will show the complete Akick list on #Lebanon and /msg chanserv Akick #Lebanon List ** will list only the people from from 
  ..Send://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to Send a Memo to another registered nickname or channel type /msg memoserv Send Nick|#channel type your memo here ex: (to a user) /msg memoserv send Frank We need to talk next time you are on line buddy.. see ya later.  (to a channel) /msg memoserv send #Lebanon Hi there ops on #Lebanon.. i enjoyed my stay in your channel.. be back again .. cheers.. $me
  ..SendSOP://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to Send a Memo to the SOPs and the Founder on a channel type /msg memoserv SENDSOP #channel type your memo here ex: /msg memoserv SENDSOP #Lebanon I think you should OP Frank cuz he is a cool dude.  Thanks. 
  ..List://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to List your Memo's type /msg memoserv List (Note:It will only list the first 20 memos. So if you have more.. you should delete some to view the others.)
  ..Read://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to Read your memo.. type /msg memoserv Read number <--- replace number with the memo number you want to read.. to find out the number.. do a /msg memoserv list
  ..Delete://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to Delete a memo.. type /msg memoserv Del number <--- replace number with the memo number you want to delete.. to find out the number.. do a /msg memoserv list or type /msg memoserv del all to Delete all your memos.  Your memos will then be marked for deletion and will not be deleted until you sign off or use the Purge Command.
  ..Undelete://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to UNdelete a memo (because they are not deleted until you sign off or use the PURGE command) type /msg memoserv undel number <---- replace number with the memo number.  to find out the memo number type /msg memoserv list
  ..Purge://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to Purge your memos (delete right away) type /msg memoserv purge
  ...ON://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to see if you have a memo Forward against your nick.. type /msg MemoServ Forward
  ...OFF://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to turn off the Memo Forward to your nick type /msg memserv Forward-
  ...Forward TO://me says to 11 $$1 8 :to Forward memos to another nick (must first ident to NickServ) type /msg memoserv Forward nick password ex: if my nickname is JohnDoe and i want to forward my memos to $me .. i would type /msg memoserv Forward $me 12345
  .How to Fix Dcc Send://me says to 11 $$1 8 : To fix your Dcc Chat & Send, follow these steps in order. 1) Disconnect from your IRC server (File->Disconnect). 2) In File->options, delete whatever is present in the Local Host and IP fields on the local info tab. 3) Check "Always get ip on connect." 4) Exit mIRC. 5) Re-start mIRC.
  .Net Split://me says to 11 $$1 8 : A netsplit is when two servers stop communicating for whatever reason. They separate, effectively creating two networks where there was once only one. Everyone on the other side of the break seems to sign off as a result of not being able to see them anymore.
  .OPs://me says to 11 $$1 8 : This explians how NEW OP's are chosen: New candidates are nominated by the present OP's based on the user's character, presence, morals, and participation on the channel.The nominee is then presented to the channel SOPs. If you are approved, you will be OP'ed.. New OPs will have a 30 day probation period .. during which time they will be observed by other OPs . - - The founder reserves the right to accept or reject any nominees
  .Copy and Paste://me says to 11 $$1 8 : To Copy and Paste just Highlight using your mouse then at the bar where you type, right click and go to paste. Or to display colors also, using your mouse to highlight, hit ctrl + C to copy the info, and at the bar where you type, hit ctrl + v to paste the info, now hit enter to msg the channel...enjoy
  .XP Firewall://me says to 11 $$1 8 : How to Disable/Enable WinXP Firewall: Open Network Connections folder, right-click desired connection, and click Properties. Click the Advanced tab, then uncheck/check Protect my computer and network by limiting or preventing access to this computer from the Internet. Click Yes to confirm.  


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tank59   -  Mar 20, 2006

Oh man...It\'s been a

KuTsuM   -  Mar 20, 2006

You forgot the #Channel parameter, also change this so you don\'t overload the command with useless data:
..Deadmin: operserv mode # $+(-,$str(a,$snick($active,0)) $gettok($1-,$+(1-,$snick($active,0),32)

tank59   -  Mar 20, 2006

You could also just do:
..Deadmin: operserv mode # $+(-,$str(a,$snick(0)) $1-
Not sure if that\'s right. haha.

KuTsuM   -  Mar 20, 2006

Sorry I didn\'t see the credits (I don\'t like reading long cluddered paragraphs).

As for the \"If it isn\'t broken, don\'t fix it\" theory, this doesn\'t pertain to computers. Something like the following code is wasting space on your hard drive, for example:
..Deadmin: operserv mode # -aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa $$1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 $10 $11 $12 $13 $14 $15 $16 $17 $18 $19 $20
Above is 122 Bytes
..Deadmin: operserv mode # -aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa $1-
And that is 54 Bytes. Now that\'s only one line that has decreased the file size. I know it\'s not alot but it adds up. Also, expecially for programmers, code must be clean and efficent. Otherwise, it can pose security risks. Now this isn\'t an unsafe code really, but if you get in the habit, future codes will be :)

Also, pertaining the %akpa variable is global, and is never unset. It\'s a waste of space in both the variables file, and the system\'s hard drive.
As an addition to bit sizes, \"if (%akpa == $false)\" = 20 bytes, \"if (!%akpa)\" = 11 bytes

anthalus   -  Mar 20, 2006

Just for comparison sake, there are other IRCOp snippets:

slcker76   -  Mar 20, 2006

hmm, I never claimed the code was mine, in fact if you read ; Thanks go out to Gomer McGee aka monk for the one step akill. The rest is pretty standard stuff which i did put together. As far as the suggestion to make a not that its for anope, tis appreciated as i didn\'t think of that. As far a modifications to the code, it is what it is, if you would like to clean it up, by all means do so. but i am a firm believer in if it ain\'t broke, then don\'t fix it. I do appreciate your comments though.

KuTsuM   -  Mar 19, 2006

So basically you posted a script, and laid claim to it as your own, and it wasn\'t even yours? Heh. Anyways, this isn\'t, no need to fight ;p.
As for the code, it\'s not bad, pretty handy. Dispite how cluttered and a bit messy coding, it\'s a pretty good script. Everything looks like it works to me. However, I see that your AKILL uses OperServ (I suspect Anope), so you should add that into your description that this was made for Anope. As for cleaner code, rather then repetitively using $+ you can use $+() once, just delimit by commas :)

slcker76   -  Mar 19, 2006

There ya go. Rather than insulting the script, the constructive criticism in your second posting is much more appreciated and welcomed more than calling it a pile of junk with out testing it. Now the goto in the akill script is there for a reason. The reason is we felt like using it. As far as the alias, test the script its not just a color thing. The mass modes thing, i have to admit i like your idea, and will give it a shot. If you would like to work on making this script better, than i am open for suggestions,

DND   -  Mar 19, 2006

The author said he was curious to see what people thought of this snippet but i didn\'t realise only supportive comments where welcomed, however this doesn\'t need to end up as a flame fest so i apologise for calling this a pile of junk.

enigmonk, my comment about this being a pile of junk was directed at the whole snippet, not specifically towards your work. I can understand you wanting to defend your work, that\'s only natural, but goto loops are considered bad practice in general as they are confusing and make the program jump all over the place. I was always taught to avoid them if an alternative was available. Plus in a small popup like this, they\'re not really needed. I offered an alternative that as you said, doesn\'t change the outcome but i do think will improve the popup as a whole. It\'s up to you how you take that comment, it\'s offered as constructive criticism not to just seek fame off your work or rip your idea

I\'m sure the outcome of the rest of the popups works fine slcker76 but would like to put forward some suggestions which i think would make this a better snippet. Again, it\'s up to you how you take this.

The help popups, although they are no doubt helpful when dealing with newer users they aren\'t really anything to do with IRCop commands. I pointed out in my other post some of your popups start with // eg; ..ID://me says to...The double slash isn\'t needed in your popups. Sure they will work with it there, but to bring in a little consistency with your mode popups why not change them all to a single /. In my opinion that would make the whole thing look a little more professional.

I also made mention to a call to an alias which wasn\'t included with the snippet. I think it was in the Release popup but guess it\'s a call for coloring the popup. If you want to include colors within this popup you should really either go back and include the \'c\' with the snippet or amend the ones that call to it.

Have to disagree with you over the mass modes slcker76, just because you may not have needed to perform a mass mode on more than 20 people others will and your popup is a little static. Here\'s an alternative for mass voicing which is more dynamic and will adapt to the number of people you want to voice at any one time;
mass voice:{
if ($$1-) {
var %mode = +, %i = $numtok($1-,32)
while (%i) { %mode = $+(%mode,v) | dec %i }
mode # %mode $1-
Up to you if your interested in using this or any of the other comments above.

enigmonk   -  Mar 18, 2006

DND Wrote:
The AKILL...eeeuuuwwww horrible goto plus are you sure it actually works? This line i mean \"if ($akpa == $false) { goto zero }\" shouldn\'t you be checking for %akpa...anyways why not just do \"if (!%akpa) { halt }

I am the author of the one click akill script. Its sad I have to register just to answer your weak attempt to knock, moch, or even make adjustments to MY script, that do not change the performace of the script, but actually just make it APPEAR that you know what you are talking about. I just wanted to stop in however, and thank you for pile of junk remark.

The only thing that you did with your weak analysis is:

1.) show a typo in the script poster\'s paste, and...
2.) make reference to a command that does THE SAME EXACT thing as the command that is already in place. If your suggestion were to actually increase the functionality of the script, I would welcome it, however, it only appears that you are posting YOUR junk reply and comment on this script, simply to rip off coding of someone else, as well as simply to pose as someone who knows what he is doing. Be creative, make your own script that has the same end results -OR- even better, improve the script\'s functionality.

To my knowledge, there are NO other scripts that offer this service, and not that i really care that many have tested it, and IT DOES work, in point of fact, the only reason i wrote this is because , I was told it couldnt be done, and because a friend asked me to. I encourage you to seek your fame as a leet guru mirc scripter somewhere else, or offer a working and better functioning solution to the request of a script which produces this function WITHOUT ripping off someone else\'s idea. Here are some suggestions for you...

1.) why not add a variable that is set to the raw version of the ircd that is used, so that it may be used on more then one ircd. raw 2 $7 for unreal and $6 for ultimate, i believe. dont quote me though, FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF.

2.) why not try to figure out someway to get rid of the timer. I wouldnt suggest using ial for the obvious reasons, however, be creative... im sure there is a way it can be done.

Lastly, thank you for re-itterating the same thing I tell anyone who wants to script something for mirc. READ the help file. I suggest this to you as well. I, by no means, consider myself a good scripter, however, at least I AM original. Just because you know a different way to produce THE SAME EXACT RESULT, doesnt mean you know more, or have done anything grand. READ the help file and help improve the script.

slcker76   -  Mar 18, 2006

The akill works, and it works quite well I might add. Pile of junk?? why don\'t you come up with something better, then post it. As far as the mass modes, i highly doubt anyone will need to perform mode changes on more than 20 users at once. Secondly this works in its entirety and does everything it is supposed to do. Obviously you didn\'t test it before running your mouth. As far as the help system, its a quick on click answer to some questions that n00bs ask when they join the help channel. And if you can easily improve on the code, then do so. This code does everything exactly as it is supposed to. If you don\'t like it, don\'t use it. Oh yeah and I have rtfm.

DND   -  Mar 18, 2006

What a pile of junk...and you\'ve been using this for 3 months?? Point and click IRCop! Love the warning notes at the top by the author. Inspires me with confidence ;)

The AKILL...eeeuuuwwww horrible goto plus are you sure it actually works? This line i mean \"if ($akpa == $false) { goto zero }\" shouldn\'t you be checking for %akpa...anyways why not just do \"if (!%akpa) { halt }...theres no need for the goto in there. Your mass modes...only work for a maximum of 20 people? Lastly in some of your help popups your calling to an alias $c(1) which at a guess is to insert colors (??) but you haven\'t included that alias within this snippet so obviously that won\'t work either. It\'s not necessary to start popups with //, some of yours are some aren\'t. Can\'t really check through all those help popups but they look confusing at best. Why does an IRCop need those anyway, especially the last one about disabling the windows firewall? Think i better stop now :P

To the author: sorry this is all pretty harsh but the code could easily be improved on with a small amount of effort and if you are an IRCop, then you really could do with using something well written and not likely to cause you to set the wrong access levels or bans on users. Try reading the helpfile a bit more.

DarthReven   -  Mar 18, 2006

you don\'t need to use chr 47 in menus and some of your information \"popups\" aren\'t really nessary

LIQUID_NiTrO   -  Mar 17, 2006

UnrealIRCd Account?
Eh...Don\'t quite know what you\'re talking about, but try ... you can download Unreal for free.

Scruffy   -  Mar 17, 2006

whoa. Very nice indeed! now i need to find a place to get a free unrealircd acount :D

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