Word changer

By Scruffy on Mar 11, 2006

just type /change word word2 and everytime you type word it will
show it as word2 (only an example..)

alias change { if ($1) && ($2) { set %word.b $1 | set %word.g $2 } }
on *:INPUT:*: { if ($left($1,1) != /) { msg $active $replace($1-,%word.b,%word.g) | haltdef } }


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Scruffy   -  Mar 17, 2006

and you can make fun of people with it! :D

KuTsuM   -  Mar 16, 2006

Tool.. this script works like a talker, it will replace whatever word you specify with another word

`Kazuma   -  Mar 16, 2006


Tool   -  Mar 12, 2006

dont really get it...

Scruffy   -  Mar 11, 2006

bah oops fixed o.o

KuTsuM   -  Mar 11, 2006

Oh yeah, and a cleaner code tip:

If you want to evaluate 2 parameters, it\'s better not to check if both $1 and $2 exist, when you can evaluate $2 and see if it exists, if it doesn\'t, it\'ll do the same exact thing you just did
IE: if ($2) { //code }

Just a tip :)

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