Simple info

By biase on Jan 05, 2017

A simple non-socket info, created using $com for socket haters.
It will trigger when a user paste a url with or whitout 'http://'.

; Author      : bruas aka biase @ Webchat & DalNet, Lite @ KampungChat
; Name        : A simple info
; URL         : -
; Description : A simple non-socket pastebin info, created using $com for socket haters.
;             : It will trigger when a user paste a url with or whitout 'http://'.
; Setting     : -

on *:text:*:#: pastebin_info $1-
alias pastebin_info {
  if ($regex($1-, /^(?:.*?\s)?(?:https?:\/\/)?(?:www\.)?\/(u))?\/(\w+)\/?(?:\s.*)?$/Si)) {
    var %jscript $&
      var xmlhttp = new ActiveXObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP.6.0"); $crlf $&"GET", " $+ $regml(1) $+ ", false); xmlhttp.send(); $crlf $&
      TITLE = xmlhttp.responseText.match("<div class=\"paste_box_line1\" title=\"(.+)\">", "i")[1]; $crlf $&
      ON = xmlhttp.responseText.match("<img src=\"\/i\/t\.gif\" class=\"img_line t_da\" alt=\"\"> <span title=\".+\">(.+)</span>", "i")[1]; $crlf $&
      BY = xmlhttp.responseText.match("<img src=\"\/i\/t\.gif\" class=\"img_line t_us\" alt=\"\" style=\"margin-left:0\"> (.+)", "i")[1]; $crlf $&
      VIEWS = xmlhttp.responseText.match("title=\"Unique visits to this paste\"> (.+)", "i")[1]; $crlf $&
      SYNTAX = xmlhttp.responseText.match("<a href=\"\/archive\/mirc\" class=\"buttonsm\" style=\"margin:0\">(.+)<\/a>", "i")[1]; $crlf $&  
      SIZE = xmlhttp.responseText.match("mIRC<\/a><\/span> (.+)", "i")[1]; $crlf $&
      EXP = xmlhttp.responseText.match("title=\"When this paste gets automatically deleted\"> (.+)", "i")[1];

    var %jscriptobj $+(jscript,$ticks), %result
    if ($com(%vbscriptobj)) goto initialization

    .comopen %jscriptobj msscriptcontrol.scriptcontrol
    if ($comerr) return
    noop $com(%jscriptobj,language,5,bstr,jscript) $com(%jscriptobj,executestatement,3,bstr,%jscript)

    var %title $null($com(%jscriptobj,eval,3,bstr,TITLE)) $com(%jscriptobj).result
    if (!%title) echo -i27 # $str($chr(160),26) [Pastebin: $regml(1) $+ ] This paste has been removed!
    else {
      msg # [Pastebin: $regml(1) $+ ] Title: %title $chr(5) $&
        By: $null($com(%jscriptobj,eval,3,bstr,BY)) $com(%jscriptobj).result $chr(5) $&
        On: $gettok($null($com(%jscriptobj,eval,3,bstr,ON)) $com(%jscriptobj).result,1-5,32) $chr(5) $&
        Syntax: $null($com(%jscriptobj,eval,3,bstr,SYNTAX)) $com(%jscriptobj).result $chr(5) $&
        Size: $null($com(%jscriptobj,eval,3,bstr,SIZE)) $com(%jscriptobj).result $chr(5) $&
        Views: $null($com(%jscriptobj,eval,3,bstr,VIEWS)) $com(%jscriptobj).result $chr(5) $&
        Expires: $null($com(%jscriptobj,eval,3,bstr,EXP)) $com(%jscriptobj).result
      .comclose %jscriptobj


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ClaudeDiaz   -  Feb 01, 2017
dma   -  Jan 05, 2017


biase  -  Jan 08, 2017

but the coding is so ugly.. haha

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SReject   -  Jan 05, 2017

Couple of things you could do to improve this:

  2. Make use of .responseXML and its methods for walking the html tree instead of parsing the body
  3. Instead of creating an instance of wscript(via MSScriptControl) and then calling the jscript, you can create an instance of the XHR directly
biase  -  Jan 08, 2017

Good info you got there, i will try and need to play with $com more often.
Thank you for the info .. thumbs up

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