CPU Usage Check

By OrFeAsGr on Dec 05, 2016

This is a silly script that is not much of a use. But here it is anyway!
Copy paste to a clean remote and msg !cpu
(~OrFeAsGr) !cpu
(StupidNickBot) CPU Usage: 44%

alias cpu { write -c cmd.bat | write -c cpu.txt | write cmd.bat wmic cpu get loadpercentage > $+ $mircdir $+ cpu.txt | run -n cmd.bat }
alias cpucheck { if ($lines(cpu.txt)) { var %cpu = $+($read(cpu.txt, 2),%) | return CPU Usage: %cpu } | }
ON *:TEXT:!cpu:#: { cpu | .timer 1 3 msg $chan $+($,cpucheck) }

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Thx! ^_^


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cokeone   -  Dec 15, 2016

I get 0% why is that?

OrFeAsGr  -  Dec 15, 2016

Not really sure.. it was a very spontaneous script. You could try a bigger timer perhaps.. .timer 1 6

blackvenomm666  -  Dec 16, 2016

could be the os you are running

OrFeAsGr  -  Dec 18, 2016

Yeah blackvenomm666 is right

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blackvenomm666   -  Dec 06, 2016

You say useless but someone that has a bot running on a separate computer with no monitor attached to it may find it useful

OrFeAsGr  -  Dec 15, 2016

I'm glad it's useful ^_^ thanks for the support :3

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