Help with reading multiple variables

By fairfrynd on Nov 27, 2016

Hi, I need a code to store multiple %variables in a %mastervariable
and when needed can read all %variables under %mastervariable in single command.

%mastervairable = MasterVariable
%variableOne = 11
%variableTwo = 22
%variableThree = 33

now by some command all %variable1 2 and 3 are shown as a result.
result : variableOne = 11 | variableTwo = 22 | variableThree = 33

or in other words
How to list all the variables starting with %something with their values. in single line result or multiple lines.

Please help


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blackvenomm666   -  Nov 28, 2016

Just have it set each variable separately if you're just having it read and show the info stored you could just do msg $Chan %var1 %var2 %var3

fairfrynd  -  Dec 04, 2016

this is possible only if i know the variables.. but in my case the variables are different but all starts with one same thing like %startvar1 %startvar2

blackvenomm666  -  Dec 04, 2016

you are the one that sets the variable names. therefore you will always know what they are.

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