mIRC Korona Script 14.4 (Build: 499)

By Alexandru on Nov 10, 2016

mIRC Korona Script 14.4 (Build: 499)

Once, with the passing years, I made my own script, I decided to make it public, completely free for all! Scripting to me represents a hobby, which allows me to waste time in it when I have free time.

This Script is designed for all Networks, but is based on Undernet network! If you purpose to use for other networks, you can change it in Script using "Select server" dialog. By default, is set up to use this script for Other Networks. If your network has the same tipology as Undernet (i mean has X bot etc.), like Europeirc or Nationchat network, you can set it to Undernet.

This Script is made in 3 languages: English, Romanian and Russian. By default, is set up to English. To change the language, type: /language

For those who have installed already 14.2 or 14.3 version, can download only the update (from Download section). When you update the Script to 14.4 version, settings, logs, personal files will remain exactly as are.

To download the script, visit: http://alexscript.webs.com/download
To view screenshots, visit: http://alexscript.webs.com/screenshots
We can discuss through: http://alexscript.webs.com/discussion
You can contact me: http://alexscript.webs.com/contact-faq
My website dedicated to this Script is: http://alexscript.webs.com
I'll appreciate every reply, opinion and i'll answer to any question as soon as possible.

What's new in 14.4 version (in comparison with 14.3):

  • [ADDED] Added Weather support. Now you can view detailed weather data by your location or another location (city, region). This Script is unique and contains smart methods. The syntaxes of use are:

-> /weather [-d] [-c|-f] - search location to view detailed Weather informations.
-> /weather <unit:c,f|default:code,default|period:N> - set options to easily manipulate with received informations.
-> /weather <actual|refresh|help> [-d] - base commands to use.

For more info where you can learn using these commands, issue: /weather help. The default period is set to 900 seconds, unit is set to Celsius (C) and default location is set to system location.

  • [ADDED] Added in Options (Dialogs) new item: Weather. This dialog is more simple to use for displaying weather data if you don't want to use command line (/weather). You can issue this dialog with: /winfo
  • [ADDED] Added option to retrieve weather data by your system location and to display it in mIRC Statusbar, also you can set your default location by using /weather set default:code
  • [ADDED] Added Youtube Catcher and Support. Any person (or You) who will write in channel/private windows where messages will contain links to youtube, the script will display the detailed information about that link's contents.
    Also, you can disable this option using /youtube off or enable using /youtube on. Even the option is disabled, you can issue /youtube [+d] link [+o] to view Youtube link's content. By default, Youtube Catcher is enabled. For more detailed info issue /youtube help
  • [ADDED] Added ID3 tags support to Proprieties of Audio File.
  • [ADDED] Added option in Audio Options dialog to process data slowly on play (for slow CPUs). By default, is not enabled.
  • [ADDED] Added option in Audio Options dialog to display ID3 tags (name and title) of an audio file instead of the name of this file. Even is enabled, if id3 name or artist is null, the name of the track will be displayed. By default, this option is enabled.
  • [ADDED] Added option in General Settings dialog to enable or disable Lexicon Speech (Sounds). By default, is enabled. (thanks to Il-Kane for suggestion)
  • [ADDED] Added option in General Settings to change the language for replies to users. You have to know that when you are away or in Activity Mode, when you play sounds and have options to announcements enabled, the script replies to them in the language as set up in mIRC. Now you can choose a different language as your main language to be replied to users through.
  • [ADDED] Added mIRC Logs dialog in Options dialog. This dialog operates as /logz command, but is more easily to use and has an interface API that you can process through. You can issue this dialog using /logz view also.
  • [ADDED] Added option in Input Commands to enable/disable showing of the used input commands in the active windows. Till now, when you use an input command (for example: x s that means /msg x status #channel), these input command are halted and aren't sent in the active windows (in out example: on channel). Introducing this option, you can enable it from Input Commands dialog and everyone from channels/query will see your used input commands.
  • [MODIFY] Modified Proprieties dialog of Audio Files to use Dark Theme and added ID3 tags info.
  • [MODIFY] Modified some X replies to be evaluated correctly on script events (for Undernet and other networks that have X's typology).
  • [MODIFY] Modified Update system: the script will download the script version to check the new version instead to open sockets that sometimes gave errors.
  • [MODIFY] Modified Security mIRC. Now the passwords will be treat as case-sensitive. Remember, that the default password for Security mIRC is: 12345
  • [MODIFY] Modified Options dialog (objects placements and some UIs) and mIRC Statusbar according to these changes from this version.
  • [FIX] Fixed local volume of a mIRC to not be processed after master volume of the system, the local volume being set to maximum.
  • [FIX] Fixed bug that gives $read errors when you press CTRL/SHIFT (option to play) on empty spaces from Playlist listview.
  • [FIX] Applied to create unicode files for all languages support when you save a playlist to be compatible with Audio Players.
  • [FIX] Fixed a http error on collecting data from bnm.md (exchange rates for Republic of Moldova) to be executed through https and not http as bnm.md rules over https nowadays.
  • [FIX] Fixed a error that BNM data is issued in English if the Script's language is set to Romanian.
  • [FIX] Fixed help text strings from Backs dialog to be evaluated correctly.
  • [FIX] Fixed /logz bugs when you perform a delete operation and is gone in loop.
  • [UPDATE] Updated some smiles in list. For info: /smiles help
  • [UPDATE] Updated channel, query, nicklist, status backgrounds and colors with new images for Dark Theme.
  • [UPDATE] Updated Options Dialog to fit name strings in rectangle on Standart Theme.
  • [UPDATE] Updated some strings from DxDiag dialog to fit correctly in their rectangles.
  • [UPDATE] Now if you connect to an Undernet server and have enabled setting: Other Networks from the Server dialog, script will halt the connect and will popup the Server dialog to change the setting to Undernet.org to be able to use Undernet servers.
  • [UPDATE] Updated ON TEXT/ACTION scripts structure. Now, the text will be displayed very fast. This is valid for bnc/znc bouncers also, especially when you join a channel and have playback buffer on that channel. Also, joining the channels also will be perform very fast.
  • [UPDATE] Russian language is now full available.


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