By Pikachu on Apr 11, 2004

This is just a basic scramble game code. It's easy to use, all you do is load it into your script and right click in the channel. Click on Scramble Game, then Start. The from there you type in a hint and an answer and it will do the rest. Do what you wish with the colour, but please give me credit if you use it in a bot or script.


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deejay8   -  Aug 15, 2008

what do i used to answer?

Genxyuri   -  Sep 23, 2007

Nice man its fun ;) ;P

:P lolage Tankgener is laughing out loud.
Dizzlenub   -  Jul 24, 2007

This is one of the best scripts I\'ve ever seen. Great job, Pikachu.

Tyler222   -  Apr 14, 2007

This is not bad, Well done.

Yoinx   -  Dec 06, 2004

As soon as I copied and pasted this it had a bracket mismatch. Just FYI

Pikachu   -  Apr 12, 2004

Not trying to be rude romeo, but considering you know nothing about scripting, as i can easily see in the chatrooms, and you have to rip other peoples scripts, and submit other users snippets and so(as you can see by my truth and dare), i suggest you first learn how to make colour schemes :)

TeQh   -  Apr 11, 2004

lol, this is more of an addon then a snippet.

Jose`Botella   -  Apr 11, 2004

You should set it up as an addon with a .txt it takes the questions and answers from. Would be alot funner for the user.

Romeo   -  Apr 11, 2004

After i started it it wont stop it kept on saying the samething over and over very annoying

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