Away System

By Urza on Feb 02, 2006

Just an away system i just finished working on and decided to submit here.

Has some basic options concerning changing nicks, Auto away on idle, showing times, etc. Also allows you to set up to 7 preset away triggers with different nick changes and default away messages.


  • /Away Sets yourself as away
  • /Away [Preset Trigger] Sets yourself away using preset options
  • /back Switches away off
  • /Away.Config Opens the settings dialog

All options can also be accessed via popup menus


  • Fixed an error with the auto idle away triggering at wierd times.
  • Fixed an error with the script not changing nicks.
  • Fixed a bug where the script would freeze mirc if you had an unconnected server window open on /back
  • Fixed the menu for 'set away: on'


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Ghost-writer   -  Mar 04, 2010

For the auto idle feature, make it so if any server has an idle time less than 15 minutes it Doesnt trigger, that pissed me off because I dont talk on a server, I just troll there.

fahadbalboa   -  Mar 03, 2009

Man This dosent work "? Why ??

water_dragon   -  Feb 13, 2008

nice script Urza i realy do like this one and im gonna use it as my main away script as well :).

MissMoen   -  Jan 18, 2008


I have a question.. I want to go away on 1 server. How can I do that, what do I have to change?

Thank you=).

Maath   -  Dec 20, 2007

Hugh =P

F*U*R*B*Y*   -  Jan 21, 2007

wow thats like nearly a year old..... why are we bring up these old scripts?

Aaron   -  Jan 21, 2007

wow, all i got to say :P

Urza   -  Feb 09, 2006

noOne - the html in there worked perfectly until this time i checked the post :P

No0ne   -  Feb 09, 2006

will work here, since i\'ve used it. And has never worked for me.

Urza   -  Feb 09, 2006

o.O what happened to the HTML lol o.O
come to check what the new comment was and its turned into reg text?

is html for bold and until now html was always worked there.
do the same thing.
is actually the correct way

No0ne   -  Feb 09, 2006

In your notes you did the break part wrong. Its . for bold doesn\'t work.

RoninWarrior   -  Feb 04, 2006

i would use the n switch so nothing in the readini file will be evaluated and will be used as normal text.there is a slight potential of it being bad if the lines in the ini would to have any one word in a line being of command formatt like op or something ive been testing out snippets and addons and scripts from this site alot this past 2 weeks and found a few but thay have been taking cared of .

d0n0r   -  Feb 04, 2006

Nice script, Urza. The only feature I would look for as an addition is the ability to customize your away nick a bit further. Long tags/nicks don\'t allow a prefix or suffix on the name due to limits, so the ability to set a shortened, alternate away nick would be cool.

The only flaw I\'ve found is the menu function to set the script to \"on\". I can\'t say that you\'ve \"overcomplicated\" this script, as its simplicity in use is outstanding.

Urza   -  Feb 02, 2006

thx RoninWarrior :D

Never used the n switch Although im not sure i see where it would help in there?

RoninWarrior   -  Feb 02, 2006

Urza nice away system and i really like the features also , out with the old and in with the new as i will start to use yours now with minor mods good job keep up the good work.

hint /help writeini /help readini IE: n switch.

Urza   -  Feb 02, 2006

Thx - i\'ll keep that in mind if i update it more

vampslim - I\'m sure thats enough for some people but i like options and overcomplicating things is fun and gives me stuff to do lol :P

Corne - It\'s at the bottom of the aliases ... i didnt just put it back in cause i noticed it musta got deleted or something.. honest :$ lol

Corne   -  Feb 02, 2006

Where is the alias \'Away.config\' ?

PCTech   -  Feb 02, 2006

Love it! Nuff said. You might have the option to use the default away nick (in the presets) - I normally just use PCTech|Away rather than PCTech|Sleep or PCTech|Work, but I like the presets and rather than have to put in the away nick on each preset, have a box that if checked it would use the default suffix |away. Good Job!

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