By `Kazuma on Feb 01, 2006

Whoo! I finally made my raws. Well some of them, my first time.


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`Kazuma   -  May 12, 2006

Yeah. Thanks for the ideas. :) Im at school so I cant really edit anything to send in. Id have to test it. But I cant even get on Java here. ;o;

Noutrious   -  May 12, 2006

P.S. It would be suppa if it would have dialog & could change the texts.

Noutrious   -  May 12, 2006

It would be better, if could use $$?=\"Please enter first color:\" or smtn.. ;)

`Kazuma   -  Mar 19, 2006

Um, raws.

psp4me   -  Feb 16, 2006

erm for ur raw 317 with the idle time,
that dusnt come out in a very good way
$duration($3) makes it come out much better, and has the mins and seconds added on and such..

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