New FML snippet

By Diesel on Jun 15, 2016

Hello guys, I have been searching for FML snippets a while ago, I have check almost all of the fml snippets which are posted on hawkee, and I tired about 95 percents of they aren't wokring or working that good, so yeah I have decided to make a new one which is wroking perfectly good, I have tested it myself in more than one network and it doesn't lag or anything and it'll be flexible with your bot.
This snippet is just based on Trev's onem I have check it out and it doesn't work.
So I have edited and fixed it to make it work perfectly, just copy it and paste if on your remote.
Feedback are welcomed!
If the snippet stopped working you can catch me on: > #Paris > Diablo

Here you go:

;;FML snippet re-coded by Diesel
;;Trigger '!fml'
Alias cc1 return $+($chr(3),1,$1-)
Alias cc2 return $+($chr(3),1,$1-)
Alias lg return $1
On $*:Text:/^[!.@]FML/Si:#: { 
  sockopen FML. 80 
  set %fml.temp $iif($mid($1,1,1) == $chr(64),msg #,msg #)
  sockwrite -n $sockname GET /lookup.php?type=fml HTTP/1.1 
  sockwrite -n $sockname Host:
  sockwrite -n $sockname $crlf 
  if ($sockerr) { halt }
  Else {
    var %fml 
    sockread %fml
    if (Text:* iswm %fml) {
      tokenize 32 %fml
      set %fml.text $cc2($2-) 
      %fml.temp $lg(4Fuck My Life:01) %fml.text 
      unset %fml.*
      sockclose FML.

I have made all the triggers send msgs to the channel, you can replace the 2nd "msg #" with "notice $nick" in case to make the !fml trigger sends notice.

set %fml.temp $iif($mid($1,1,1) == $chr(64),msg #,notice $nick)


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ovelayer   -  Jun 19, 2016

awsome job love the fml!

Ctopha   -  Jun 15, 2016

Nicejob dude, keep it up (y)

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