Extreme Protection

By elya elina on Jan 31, 2006

Copy and paste this snippet in your remote section of the mIRC scripts editor and you are ready to kick some butts {lol}.
I recommend that you download mirc 6.16.

To enable and disable protection, right click on channel window.
I have made this snippet for use on webnet server. If you intend to use it on Dalnet, you have to make some modification to some of the codes.
If you have any questions regarding my code snippet or would like to know its special features, please email me at elina15@gmail.com and I'll try to help. If you are using my code snippet, please let me have your comments after you have tested it. I am continually scripting new protection code snippets so your comments would be appreciated. Thank you for using my snippet.


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Xaric   -  Jul 29, 2009

Nice Work

RaiNBoW_Six   -  Jun 19, 2009

O: LOL you scriptrit very good :)

Ejayrazz   -  Apr 27, 2007

Very nice.

StanZ   -  Feb 25, 2006

huh, sorry elya elina

I had some weird pmsg, but this time there\'s a user behind here:

from SaMuRaI-[X]
\"i need a remote to kick n ban the flooder n mass join without myself excess flood\"


SaMuRaI-[X]   -  Feb 25, 2006

the best script is the script which less excess flood so,.. i havent try ur command yet!! but i make sure i try to use it as soon as possible and tell u how it works elya elina

elya elina   -  Feb 10, 2006

status online

if you are not able to activate the kick codes on Dalnet , try changing :
$str(raw -npq,1) $str(kick,1) $str(%x,1) $str(%xx,1) to kick %x %xx

elya elina   -  Feb 10, 2006

hello [me]

For the benefit of other readers, I am replying to your comment in Emglish. I reckon you were refering to the timers for spoofing your nick
when you get connected on irc. To successfully spoof your nick so that your \"enemy\" would be unable to deop your nick using ChanServ, it is important to set the right timers when you are identifying your nick and when you are changing to random nick on connect. The timers I use in the above snippet are basic timers in which most people would be able to spoof their nicks. If you are unable to spoof your nick using the timers I have set when you connect on irc, chances are your connection speed is either exceptionally fast or exceptionally slow. To rectify the problem, you have to change the following timers :
.timer -mc 1 0290 ns sidentify %nick %pass | .timer -mc 1 0350 rnick

Unfortunately I am unable to tell you what timers are suitable for your connection speed. You will have to do it yourself. Good luck!

Status_online   -  Feb 07, 2006

I\'ve tried this script in dalnet.. and the result is :

-> Server: -nq kick #sabah2 !@60.49.208.* XXtXXtX
-nq Unknown command

Elya.. can u modify this script so that i can use it in dalnet?

elya elina   -  Feb 02, 2006

Thanks for your comment RoninWarrior... what you need to do is to change
the ident. sPooF to any other word ... the ident. has no effect whatsoever on the spoofnick codes. But if you are using this snippet on Dalnet, you will have to change the codes for identifying your nick and password and also the name of server when you disconnect.

elya elina   -  Jan 31, 2006

Glad you guys love my snippet. If you have your own channel on Webnet and assuming one of your Ops try to create problems for you by kicking everyone out in an attempt to \"takeover\" your channel, I can assure you that having this snippet in your remote would come in very handy. All you have to do is to right-click your mouse on the channel window and enable your revenge. This is one powerful revenge so please use with care!

`Kazuma   -  Jan 31, 2006

This is very nice to have. I didn\'t find any problems. :)

RameN   -  Jan 31, 2006

Niiice, love the colors.

Noutrious   -  Jan 31, 2006

U want to say, that girl scripted this/ :DD cool..

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