Pastebin mIRC Pastes Announcer v0.1

By OrFeAsGr on Jun 03, 2016

This script announces new mIRC Pastes in
You can make it work in 3 simple steps.

  1. Copy the code in a clean remote
  2. Go to the last line and replace #CHANNEL_NAME_HERE with your channel
  3. Do /pastebin
    And it's ready to work! :)

    Version: v0.1 14/6/2016
    Added ID and version for version checker!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: stops access if the requests are done too fast because they want people to use their API! But their API doesn't support archive's listing which i need for this script! So don't change the seconds in the timer because you are likely to be denied access for some time and the script will be stuck as the socket will not close...!

;;;;;|Pastebin New mIRC Pastes Announcer|;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
;;;|Script by OrFeAsGr -|;;;;;;;;;;;;
;;;;;;|Visit this site for more mIRC Scripts|;;;;;;;;;;
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;|And mIRC Help|;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
  if ($sockname == pastebin) {
  if (!%PASTEBINversion) || (%PASTEBINversion != v0.1) { set %PASTEBINversion v0.1 }
    if ($sockerr) { msg $pastebinchan Error While Looking Up | sockclose $sockname }
    var %pastebin
    sockread %pastebin
    ;echo -at %pastebin
    if (!%pbget) {
      if (*td><img src="* iswm %pastebin) {
        if ($gettok(%pastebin,7,34) != %lpastebin) {
          set -u5 %pbnew 1
          set %lpastebin $v1
          set %pbflink $+(,$v1)
          set %pbtitle $gettok($gettok(%pastebin,4,62),1,60) 
        elseif ($gettok(%pastebin,7,34) == %lpastebin) {
          sockclose $sockname
      if (*td>* iswm %pastebin) && (*ago* iswm %pastebin) {
        if (%pbnew) {
          set %pbtime $gettok($gettok(%pastebin,2,62),1,60)
          sockclose $sockname
          set %pbget 1
          sockopen pastebin 80
    elseif (%pbget) {
      if (*img src="/i/t.gif" class="img_line t_us"* iswm %pastebin) { set %pbuser $gettok(%pastebin,2,62) }
      if (*img src="/i/t.gif" class="img_line t_vi"* iswm %pastebin) { set %pbvisits $gettok(%pastebin,2,62) }
      if (*img src="/i/t.gif" class="img_line t_ex"* iswm %pastebin) { set %pbexpire $gettok(%pastebin,2,62) }
      if (*span class="h_640">* iswm %pastebin) { set %pbsize $gettok(%pastebin,5,62) 
        msg $pastebinchan 0,12Pastebin New Paste 12Title: %pbtitle 12Time: %pbtime 12by: %pbuser 12Size: %pbsize 12Expires: %pbexpire 12Visits: %pbvisits 12Link: %pbflink
      if (*textarea* iswm %pastebin) { set %rawcoll $addtok(%rawcoll,$gettok(%pastebin,2,62),32) }
      if (%rawcoll) && (*textarea* !iswm %pastebin) { 
        inc %rawlines 1
        if (%rawlines <= 2) {
          set %rawcoll $addtok(%rawcoll,%pastebin,32)
        elseif  (%rawlines > 2) {
          unset %rawlines
          msg $pastebinchan 12Post: $+(%rawcoll,[...])
          unset %rawcoll
          sockclose $sockname
          unset %pbget

  if ($sockname == pastebin) {
    if ($sockerr) { msg $pastebinchan Error While Looking Up | sockclose $sockname }
    if (!%pbget) {
      sockwrite -nt $sockname GET /archive/mirc HTTP/1.1
    elseif (%pbget) {
      sockwrite -nt $sockname GET %lpastebin HTTP/1.1
    sockwrite -nt $sockname Host:
    sockwrite $sockname $crlf

alias pastebin { .timerpastebin 0 200 sockopen pastebin 80 }
alias pastebinchan { return #CHANNEL_NAME_HERE }

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ovelayer   -  Jun 05, 2016

very nice..
would be nice if it posted a shortlink to the webpage.
but nice work

OrFeAsGr  -  Jun 05, 2016

I'm soon going to try and make a link shortener with the API of a famous link shorting site. When i do i will add it to all my scripts that are related to link posting in channels.

molchi  -  Jun 21, 2016

hi evryone i débutant on the mirc i want tuto for beginner script how to use scripts where i write it ...

OrFeAsGr  -  Jun 23, 2016

Copy the script you want > Open mIRC > Click Scripts Editor > Paste Script > Click Ok > Ready!

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