Many Options(Eh)

By RameN on Jan 31, 2006

Chanserv access; whois lookup; steam loader; scrim finder; mp3 player; mp3 downloader; image downloader; image viewer; away system; and last but not least; power script.


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Kyuuryu_Kijoutsu   -  Feb 19, 2006

None of that happened with me I loved this.

globus   -  Feb 19, 2006
  • /bwrite: insufficient parameters (line 588, Many Options(Eh).txt)
  • /splay: invalid parameters (line 719, Many Options(Eh).txt)
  • /did: \'eh\' error loading \'D:\my documents\My Pictures\Daile\IMG_1224.JPG\' (line 620, Many Options(Eh).txt)
No0ne   -  Jan 31, 2006

Hmm, in the \"Option\" box to the far right, the top of Option was cut off. Maybe its because I have an older computer.

`Kazuma   -  Jan 31, 2006

All the dialogs and words worked for me,

No0ne   -  Jan 31, 2006

In parts of the dialog words are cut off. Other then that, this is a fairly usefull script.

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