(c)rackrock/BitchX v1.2 for mIRC

By notK on Apr 17, 2016

(c)rackrock/BitchX v1.2 for mIRC

Originally, I had written this for mIRC 6.38 because it would actually run the KTE theme engine for the whole theme,
it ran well for a bit, but after mIRC kept progressing more and more elements of the aging KTE theme engine system would
work improperly, or stop working altogether.

I took a long time doing so, but I wrote my own theme engine for this update, and added in quite a bit of automation.

This is a quicker way to theme your mIRC. The theme is still based on tabo's BitchN theme for ircN 7.27. I managed to completely port it over, and add some things not previously present in tabo's theme.

Though not as complete looking as using the KTE theme engine would be. It's a script that's very light on its feet.

I've written this entirely with the mIRC script editor and notepad in Windows. It functions much like a combination of the original bitchX in Linux as well as some of the variants of bitchX for miRC I've seen over the years. This also includes the kicks, and quits text files from the original. I wanted to keep this script light, but I wanted to make it so anyone could quickly, and easily edit the script to do things the way they want to do it.

I completely re-worked the popups, aliases and remotes from the last version, All the features now completely work. I've also made notes to just about everything in the script editor. This is mostly a command based script. I've made a lot of two-letter aliases for lots of commands. I've also taken the liberty of adding a help menu as well. This can be accessed with /bxhelp

I fully encourage the development of this script. For those of you just interested in figuring out how to write an mIRC theme, this is a good start to really changing the way mIRC looks for anyone who doesn't like the stale original mIRC look.

You can use multi-server with this, there might be some issues regarding NOTICE outputs still going to any active channel window.

Please feel free to take this, and edit it however you want. I hope it helps.

Drop by irc.dal.net #contusions to find me.

If anyone wants to give me a hand, snippets, and anything else can be e-mailed as well.

Shouts and greets to: Any and, all involved in the BitchX/ircN projects.

Any bugs/questions/comments/help can be e-mailed to: darkrhaveN@gmail.com

BEFORE YOU INSTALL: Make sure you install the IBMPCDOS, Dina Deja Blap Sans Mono, and Fixedsys Excelsior 3.01 fonts that are in the Fonts folder.

Click here for my Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/notK

Click here for download: https://tinyurl.com/uhgmaup

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >

Update 11/27/2019

  • Fixed the text output spacing issue, ANSI art looks fine now with provided fonts
  • Fixed most of the missing RAW Event Codes
  • Fixed the /motd output
  • Fixed the /lusers output
  • Fixed the pong requests.
  • Fixed most of the text input issues.
  • Added more ANSI art
  • Added more shitposting popups
  • Added new kick messages
  • Added /kb2 which kicks and bans with a level 7 ban
  • Added two new fonts Deja Blap Sans mono and Fixedsys Excelsior 3.01
  • Updated the /bxhelp menu
  • Updated PasteBin
  • Works in mIRC 7.58

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >

Update 03/12/17

  • Updated PasteBin files for individual copy and paste.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >

Update 03/09/17

  • Updated and fixed all the bugs in the theme system
  • Added more shit posting popups
  • Fixed more weird glitches in the theme system
  • Included moo.mrc
  • Added even more dumb ass ANSI art
  • Added more RAW codes for Dalnet and Undernet.
  • Works in mIRC 7.47

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >

Update 05/04/16

  • Added tabo's location script to the /whois output
  • Fixed the away system.
  • Fixed some weird popup glitches I overlooked.
  • Fixed some of the coloring in some of the RAW outputs.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >

Update: 05/03/16

  • Fixed the bugs with the user input during chat (Thanks Resinator)
  • Fixed the bugs in /amsg and /ame (Thanks Resinator)
  • Added a /bxhelp help menu at the suggestion of Resinator
  • Added /bane /banepost and /bp for baneposting
  • Added a few old commands from BitchN
  • Works in mIRC 7.45


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notK   -  May 02, 2016

@Hawkee how do I post my actual script for download here?

raccoon  -  Aug 12, 2016

You will have to paste it to a bunch of "```" or "[co​de]" blocks. A single snippet may contain multiple sections (or files) of code.

There are no more zip files.

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