Typos Corrector Script by OrFeAsGr v0.1

By OrFeAsGr on Mar 26, 2016

This script was an idea of the user Mythos in mIRC Forums! He made a first version and asked help for improving it!
Post: http://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/252669/Re:_Grammar_script.#Post252669
This is what i came up with. It's a little all over the place but it works fast enough. I may update it later but i'm not sure.
v0.1 14/6/2016
-Added ID and version for update checker

on ^*:text:*:#: {
    if ($strip($1) != !typos) {
    if (!%TYPOSversion) || (%TYPOSversion != v0.1) { set %TYPOSversion v0.1 }
      var %x = 1
      var %w = $hget(typos,typos)
      while (%x <= $numtok(%w,126)) {
        if ($+(*,$gettok(%w,%x,126),*) iswm $strip($1-)) {
          set %testwrongs $addtok(%testwrongs,$gettok(%w,%x,126),124)
          set %testcorrects $addtok(%testcorrects,$gettok(%w,$calc(%x + 1),126),124)
        inc %x 2
      if (%testwrongs) {
        msg $chan Typos: %testwrongs
        msg $chan Corrections: %testcorrects
        unset %testwrongs
        unset %testcorrects
    elseif ($strip($1) == !typos) {
      var %f = $hget(typos,typos)
      if ($strip($2) == add) {
        if (!$hget(typos,0).data) {
          hmake typos 100
        if (!$istok($hget(typos,typos),$gettok($strip($3-),1,126),126)) {
          hdel typos typos
          hadd typos typos $iif(%f, $+($v1,~,$strip($3-)), $strip($3-))
          hsave typos typos.hsh
          msg $chan Added Typo: $gettok($strip($3-),1,126) >>>Correction: $gettok($strip($3-),2,126)
        else { msg $chan This matches an already saved typo or correction. }
      elseif ($strip($2) == del) {
        if ($istok($hget(typos,typos),$strip($3-),126)) {
          var %y = $findtok(%f,$strip($3-),1,126)
          var %s = $gettok(%f,$+(%y,-,$calc(%y + 1)),126)
          hadd typos typos $remove(%f,%s)
          hsave typos typos.hsh
          msg $chan Deleted Typo: $strip($3-) 
        else { msg $chan This typo is not on my list :/ }

ON *:START: { hmake typos 100 | hload typos typos.hsh }
;;;;by OrFeAsGr;;;;;

To add a typo and it's correction type !typos add typo~correction
e.g !typos add OrFeAsGr is the worst scripter ever~OrFeAsGr is not the worst but not the best
To delete a typo (....and it's correction) type !typos del typo
e.g !typos del OrFeAsGr is the worst scripter ever

It works with multiple words and signle words.

For any suggestions/improvements or anything related leave a comment :)
Check my other scripts if you haven't already! Thx :)
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Thx! ^_^


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