unban all bans(clear bans)

By XpLoiTeR on Jan 21, 2006

just write /unbanall to clear bans on the chan or /unbanall only to clear the bans on the active chan.

alias unbanall { 
  set %chan  $iif($1,$1,$active)
  .timer 0 2 unbanallx
alias unbanallx {
  mode  %chan +b
  if ($ibl(%chan,0)) {
    if (%chan ischan)  {
      if ($me isop %chan) || ($me ishop %chan) {
        ;mode %chan +b
        var %x $ibl(%chan,0)
        var %y 0
        while (%y <= %x) {
          var %banlist = $(%banlist,$ibl(%chan,%y))
          inc %y
        mode %chan $+(-,$str(b,$ibl(%chan,0))) %banlist
      else { echo -a ur not op in %chan }
    else { echo -a ur not on %chan }


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Lindrian   -  Jul 21, 2007

set %chan $iif(!$1 && $active ischan,$active,$1)

I would use that instead..

Anti   -  Jul 21, 2007

Well done it\'s very useful at time\'s if i could rate i\'d give a 6.5 :)

Bouncer   -  May 15, 2007

Not bad but it only cleared the first four bans on a channel. If there were more than four I had to type the command again. If there were more than eight I had to type it three times...etc. Maybe it is because I am on chatspace though, and all it allows is four commands to be carried out at once, unless you can find a way around it. Otherwise worked just like it should.

KrYpTiK   -  Feb 27, 2006

or depending on the server your on /chanserv clear #channel bans

Corne   -  Jan 21, 2006

You dont need a timer to remove all bans from a channel. Btw, did you see what happens when there is no ban in the banlist and the timer is still on ?

XpLoiTeR   -  Jan 21, 2006

lol thx

Raichu   -  Jan 21, 2006

now these are starting to look like usefull snippets. congrats

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